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How to choose the ink for plastic packaging bags, and how to improve the printing effect?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-04
The printing of plastic packaging bags is different from the printing of paper. In addition to the pretreatment mentioned above, another problem is that the surface of the film is smooth and cannot allow ink to penetrate. Although the paper looks smooth on the outside, it is actually not smooth on the outside, allowing the ink to enter, which is conducive to the flexible and monotonous film formation of the ink, and is also conducive to the adhesion of the ink and the surface of the paper. So how to choose the printing ink for plastic packaging bags, and how to improve the printing effect? Professional flexible packaging manufacturers will come to interpret the packaging for you. 1. When selecting ink, the following factors should be considered​1. Thermal distortion point and heat resistance Assuming that drying ink is selected, it is necessary to consider whether the maximum drying temperature of the ink is suitable for the temperature that the plastic can withstand. 2. Solvent resistance A solvent that has a certain solubility in plastic film is helpful for the adhesion of ink and plastic film, but if the effect is strong, it may reduce the mechanical properties of the film. 3. Plasticizers and other additives Some plastic films contain a certain amount of plasticizers and other additives. These materials can often migrate to the surface of the plastic film and eventually soften the ink and damage the bond. 4. Other elements The rigidity, brittleness, standard stability and expansion coefficient of the plastic film will affect the persistence of ink bonding. 2. How to improve the printing effect of plastic film Printing ink is a paste-like colloid that is uniformly mixed with pigments, binders, fillers and other components. As a viscous fluid ink, due to its different types, its functions are also different, that is, there are thick and thin points; the difference in viscosity is different, and the drying speed is not equal. Therefore, it is very important to correctly understand and recognize the effect of the composition of the ink in the ink, and to accurately adjust the characteristics of the ink, the printing quality of the traveling film has a very important meaning. 1. Pigments Pigments include pigments and dyes. The colored materials used in printing inks are generally pigments, and some dyes are also used, which are colored substances with extremely fine particles. Pigments are not soluble in water or in binders, and most of them are suspended in solution; while dyes are generally soluble in binders. The relative density, transparency, heat resistance, light resistance and resistance to chemicals of ink are all related to pigments. Its color chooses the hue of the ink; its dosage determines the concentration of the ink; its use affects the monotonicity of the ink to a certain extent, and the ink that mainly oxidative polymerization and drying is particularly prominent. 2. Linking material The linking material is a fluid with a certain viscosity and viscosity. Its effects are multifaceted. As a carrier of pigments, it is used to mix and connect solid particles such as powdered pigments, and to enable the adhering pigments to adhere to the printed matter after all. The quality of the joint material will directly affect its gloss, wear resistance and viscosity fluidity. 3. The use of auxiliaries will be more effective for printing. Commonly used auxiliaries are weakening agents, additives, detackifiers, anti-tack agents, ink adjustment agents, etc. Therefore, the reason why printing inks have good printability and strong adhesion and dispersion are inseparable from additives.
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