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How to control the environment of composite packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-30
In the production of composite packaging bags, two or more layers of materials are bonded together through a medium (such as glue). Therefore, the environmental elements of the composite packaging bag directly affect the quality of the composite packaging bag. Below, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will combine their own composite processes to explain how we control the production environment of composite packaging bags. 1. The temperature and humidity of the environment​The temperature in the compounding has a certain influence on the evaporation of the solvent and the coating of the glue. The ambient temperature of 15-28℃ is an ideal temperature. The humidity has a great influence on the dry compounding. It is the reaction of water and -NCO, which reduces the performance of the adhesive and affects the composite strength and appearance. Generally, the humidity is preferably 50%-75%. When the humidity is too low, static sparks are likely to occur, which is extremely dangerous; when the humidity is too high, the temperature of the coating roller and rubber plate will drop with the evaporation of the ethyl ester. When the dew point is reached, a lot of water vapor condenses into water droplets, which will greatly affect the function of the adhesive. The temperature of the mesh roller will also drop sharply with the evaporation of the solvent, which will affect the coating of the adhesive. Excessive humidity will also consume a lot of money. of curing agent, may result in a decrease in peel strength or a reduction in curing agent. 2. Dust and debris in the environment Most of the composite products are transparent or partially transparent. The dust and impurities are sandwiched in between, the appearance is not good, the hygiene is also greatly reduced, and the quality of the product is immediately lowered. There are many ways to enter the dust and impurities, from the door gap, the entry and exit of personnel and items; from the material, especially most of the film has static electricity, which can absorb dust, impurities, etc., and the dissolution of the adhesive. The dust and impurities that enter directly come from the air supply of the drying tunnel. Therefore, the air inlet must have excellent filtering equipment and be cleaned regularly. In addition, you should also observe whether there is rust in the heating part, air duct, and box of the window oven. 3. Control of mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc. When mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc. are caught in the composite film, it is often caused by customer complaints, which will constitute a great commitment to the enterprise to lose it, which is a very serious problem. . Many food and drug manufacturers have extremely strict rules for handling mosquitoes. To prevent mosquitoes from being brought into the composite membrane, the first thing to do is to take precautions to eradicate the internal reproduction and external entry of mosquitoes. The initial pest control should be carried out in the spring, and the method should not be used until the summer.
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