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How to customize clothing packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-11
I believe that many clothing companies want to have their own personalized packaging, so that their products can stand out in the competition in the same industry. So, how to customize clothing packaging bags? Today, a professional flexible packaging manufacturer will come to tell you about packaging. First, you can customize it first. Everyone knows that the customization of clothing packaging bags is a batch operation, which is very different from the individual customization of products, so this requires customers. Choose a custom factory for garment packaging bags, and then place a deposit. This is also a guarantee for manufacturers to avoid risks. If the customized merchants regret it, the goods produced by the manufacturer can only be sold as scrap, so the general buyer needs to pay 30% in advance——50% deposit, so that the factory will take orders for production. 2. Customized size and pattern printing In the process of customizing suits, tailors will customize according to each person's height, waist, bust, shoulder width and other data. The customization of clothing packaging bags is also the same, and there are also certain standard. The most critical indicators are the size and printing pattern of the garment packaging bag and whether there are any special requirements for the selected material. These are things that customers need to consider for each garment packaging bag customization requirement. After doing the above preparations, you can customize the clothing packaging bag. 3. Sample customization is often not formed at one time. It has to be modified several times. The customization of clothing packaging bags is the same. Everyone has different understandings of products and naturally different requirements. Therefore, for customized products, the factory generally In general, a sample will be produced first. Only if the sample is approved by the customizer, there will be a basis to follow. In the process of production, the factory also has a reference basis, so there will be no production errors because there is no concept. After the customized samples of clothing packaging bags are produced, it is the production of bulk goods. The next step is the same as the spot. After packaging, logistics, and finally to the dealers, the process of customization is completed.
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