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How to distinguish the difference between aluminum foil bags and aluminized bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-27
First of all, you need to use the viewing method to check whether the surface brightness of the aluminum foil bag is dull, because in many professional fields, the surface brightness of the aluminum foil bag is far less bright than that of the aluminum-plated bag, and the reflective property The function is not as good as that of aluminized film products. At this time, we can also observe the aluminized bag, and its production process can be good, and it can show people's shadows, but here we need to pay attention to it. Matte film aluminum plating needs to be excluded. Under normal circumstances, the feel of the aluminum foil bag itself is relatively thick, and has a certain degree of stiffness and rigidity. After holding it by hand, we can still feel that it is obviously much heavier than the ordinary ordinary packaging bag. The texture of the aluminum-plated bag itself is much lighter than that of the aluminum foil bag, and the texture is soft. The twisting method, usually the aluminum foil bag will have obvious coalescence after twisting in the later stage, and it is not easy to rebound, and the aluminum layer will also have many broken lines; After twisting, it will not be kinked, but will also be quickly opened, and there is no obvious crack on the surface of the bag body. Using the fire burning method, we found that the fire point of the aluminum foil bag is not easy to burn, and the aluminum layer will roll back due to heat. After burning, it will also be related to the medium of the aluminum foil itself. factor, while leaving some gray aluminum slag.
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