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How to improve the market competitiveness of food packaging bag manufacturers

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-27
In the past ten years, the packaging and printing industry has developed very rapidly, the competition is very fierce, the profit margin of packaging companies is getting smaller and smaller, and the production quality is difficult to keep up. In response to this situation, food packaging bag manufacturers propose three-step food packaging bag production quality management. method to improve efficiency, standardize management, effectively control quality, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. One: Quality problems caused by the production process Most of the production processes of food packaging bag manufacturers are printing——complex——Divide——Four parts of bag making. In each production quality management, understand the reasons for the biggest quality loss of each process, find out the link control points according to the reasons, and formulate the operation and inspection specifications of the link control points. The three-layer quality control system consisting of inspection, workshop director supervision and quality inspection can effectively control the occurrence of solvent residues and other quality problems. 2: Quality inspection of each process in the production process According to the production process, the first piece is confirmed according to the process, and the quality control of each semi-finished product or bag-making product is carried out. We assume that the first item confirmation item form for printing, compounding, slitting, and bag making is carried out in the production process, and it is carried out item by item. Every time you roll down, you need to sample the title to find the title, and improve the title. For example, for printing, use waste proofing, check the color first, if the color is correct, change the original material for 500m after printing, change the roll and take a sample to make the first confirmation, and check again the color, text, image, size, overall printing effect, solvent residue, etc. Quality issues. If there is a problem, it will be improved in time, and if there is no problem, it will be mass-produced. In this process, each coil needs to be sampled to check the quality when it is unrolled, and it is also necessary to implement a three-level quality inspection consisting of captain self-inspection, workshop director supervision and quality inspection. Check the system, and then can effectively control the quality problems. Even if there is a quality problem, the amount of loss will not be very large, and it will not be scrapped in half or the whole batch. Three: Strengthen daily supervision and management, and conduct regular exercises for production employees. As a production enterprise with strict quality requirements, a food packaging bag manufacturer must promptly find out the problems existing in the production process and draw inferences from one another to avoid the occurrence of problems. In addition, it is necessary to practice punctuality for new employees and strengthen the requirements for management employees. To achieve the above three points in the production process of food bags is to reduce or avoid problems, which can greatly improve customer satisfaction with products and strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry.
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