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How to judge the quality of vacuum packaging bags? I just tell you oh!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-27
Nowadays, vacuum packaging bags are becoming more and more popular in the plastic flexible packaging market, and its status is also rising. It is precisely because of its many packaging properties that it is widely used. It has strong oil resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature cooking resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, quality preservation, freshness preservation and other excellent properties; it also has high barrier properties, It can block the infiltration of gases such as oxygen and water vapor; and its production cost is low, which can meet the automation of modern packaging technology, large-scale mass production; and many advantages such as safety, hygiene and pollution-free. So the question comes again, how to judge the quality of vacuum packaging bags? Next, I will tell you secretly! First of all, we have to observe whether the appearance of the vacuum packaging bag is complete. This is a basic step to check its quality. We have to carefully check whether the appearance of the bag has obvious scratches or pinholes. If not, then congratulations. Is a good quality vacuum packaging bag. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the sealing of the vacuum packaging bag is firm and whether it can meet the effect of product packaging. It's actually very simple, we can put our hands in the bag and tear it in the opposite direction. If there is no delamination at the sealing part of the vacuum packaging bag even if it is deformed during tearing, then the sealing part of the vacuum packaging bag is very strong and is a qualified product. It is also important to detect whether the vacuum packaging bag has permeation, including the oxygen permeability, water permeability, moisture permeability and other properties of the vacuum packaging bag. In the detection, the coloring method can be used, and the colorant is put into the vacuum bag for sealing, and then the vacuum bag is sealed. Place it on the filter paper horizontally, observe whether the filter paper changes color after a period of time, and check repeatedly to ensure whether the permeability of the vacuum bag meets the standard. Well, today I will share so much with you. See you soon!
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