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How to make mold-proof food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-28
Molds can secrete a variety of biological enzymes to decompose organic matter and absorb its nutrients. Under the right temperature and humidity conditions, mold will grow rapidly with minimal nutrients. The use of antifungal agents is the most commonly used method of antifungal in the design of food packaging bags. A mildew inhibitor is an adjuvant that inhibits the growth of mold and kills it. Its mechanism of action is mainly to reduce or eliminate the activities of various enzymes in the mold cells, destroy the energy release system in the cells, and hinder the growth of the enzymes of the electron transfer system and the amino transfer system. In addition to the bactericidal effect, the antifungal agent has the following characteristics: good heat resistance, the decomposition temperature is greater than 300 ℃; low toxicity, and good compatibility with various raw materials and additives of plastics. The polymer material also has certain anti-mildew properties. In order to obtain a certain anti-fungal property of polymer materials, anti-fungal substances, such as phenolic compounds, organometallic compounds, nitrogen-containing compounds, halogen-containing compounds, sulfur-containing compounds, etc., need to be mixed with thermoplastic resins, such as polyethylene, in a certain proportion. (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are mixed, and a variety of additives are added. The additives should be added in a certain order and fully stirred. The selection of additives should pay attention to their synergy, compatibility with resin and durability, and to adapt to process conditions. The antifungal polymer packaging material is made of antifungal resin, and the conventional co-extrusion blown film or extrusion lamination process can be used. The anti-mildew design of food packaging bags can also be used to prevent the growth of mold by means of vacuuming, filling with inert gas and other measures. In addition, strictly implementing relevant standards such as moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, controlling the production and product circulation environment, and preventing organic matter and moldy materials from mixing into the packaging are also effective measures to prevent food mold. Before the packaging process, it must be strictly checked to confirm that the product is dry, clean, free of mold growth, and not contaminated with organic substances that directly cause mold growth.
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