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How to make the ideal packaging bag? These points must be kept in mind!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-16
For SMEs, there is no big budget for advertising or public relations, but the motivation and needs of branding are the same. In this case, it is undoubtedly a wise move to start branding from the beginning bit by bit. The product packaging bag is undoubtedly a crucial part of brand production, and it is also an important part of building marketing power and improving brand image. However, there are not many small and medium-sized enterprises who can realize the importance of packaging bags and regard them as an important part of marketing. So pragmatically speaking, the first step in brand building and dissemination is packaging bag planning. Advertising can be communicated in time, but packaging cannot be done in time. Generally, the replacement cycle is relatively long. Therefore, once a poor packaging is released, it will not only be of no benefit to the sale of the product, but may also cause further economic loss. So, how can you make an ideal packaging bag for your product? Professional flexible packaging maker packaging summarizes 9 points to keep in mind. 1. Do a good job in brand and product positioning Assuming that it is a new brand, then you must consider the brand positioning, the value proposition of brand transmission and brand tonality. Assuming that it is an old brand, it is necessary to consider what level it is, whether it is different from the packaging design of the original product, whether it is product upgrade, product compensation or product innovation. 2. Find a good target consumer group There is no doubt that planning and packaging must assume a target object, and consider what is the central consumer group, as well as the values ​​and aesthetic tastes of the central consumer group. Regardless of right or wrong, you must set a hypothetical customer according to the customer query you set, according to the quality, aesthetic taste, and purchasing habits of the customer query. Your goal is to be an interesting customer for this virtual customer. Packaging, so that your packaging plan has a soul address. 3. Study the packaging of competing products, and look for differences. Look for other brands of packaging of the same level, the same type or the same value proposition. If there are competing products, you can refer to them. If not, you can refer to other product packages selected by the same customer. For example, your target customers may be both Watsons customers and Evian customers. In terms of packaging, the two can learn from each other; after studying their packaging design, you must establish and Strengthen your point of differentiation! In addition to the different packaging shapes, there may be different ways of distinguishing between colors, characters, fonts, etc. 4. It is very important to find your own packaging style and tone, and to design it, that is, to give your product the same value proposition and soul. What is your package going to convey? If you think about it, if you think about it, let's start! 5. The common selling point of excellence and emphasis on yourself, and the packaging and layout renderings have you passed the soul and common selling point of your packaging design? Have you done the renderings, and have you considered the value at the time of the renderings? 6. Make a sample draft and make internal discussions. Perhaps the renderings of the customer forum are often not the most accurate. The most important thing is to make a practical gesture, and then package some, to compare, and to constantly review. It is even possible to arrange a policy customer packaging inspection seminar for this purpose. Is the first impression of your brand? Whether there is the central imprint of the brand and whether it conforms to the customer's aesthetic taste. The most important thing is not to just look at a bottle, but to put it on the shelf to feel and compare! Don't worry that the appreciator is not professional or can't understand the meaning of your packaging, always remember one thing: good packaging speaks for itself! 7. After calculating the cost, correcting and making the final draft, there are many tips and tricks here. The key skill is“Look from a distance, look up close, touch, compare”. From a distance, put it a few meters away to see whether the characteristics of the packaging are still obvious, whether the packaging is eye-catching, how the color distribution of the packaging is, and whether the difference between the packaging and competing products is obvious. Take a closer look to see whether the brand name of the packaging is obvious, whether the color is concise and bright or saturated, whether the quality and level of the packaging material, and whether the key elements are conveyed clearly. Touching and playing is to see from the details, whether there will be some gaps and problems, many problems are seen in the details. Compare, compare the details of your packaging and competing product packaging design, such as the size and identification of the brand name, such as the design of the product name, the design of the slogan, the way to express the same selling point, the standard way of expressing, the reminder of important matters and many more. The most important thing, don't forget to measure the cost of your new packaging. There are many times, although we know that the cost will increase, but there may be a shortage of preparations for the cost of good packaging, and it is easy to make mistakes. Simply grasp the quality. 8. After the formal selection and preliminary application of the previous problems have been considered, it can be selected and tried. It is recommended that the first printing of the packaging is enough, because there are many changes in this, such as changes in national standards, changes in formula ingredients, and problems found in the process of practical application, etc. If the printing volume is too large at one time, although the unit cost Reduced, but after all, it is very likely that some packaging will be wasted due to force majeure, which is not cost-effective in practice. At the same time, the principle of sufficient quantity for the first time can also prevent the packaging from being lost more directly due to failure, which is convenient for timely Change and adjust orientation. 9. Inspection and correction of packaging In the specific application process, pay attention to the opinions of sales personnel and specific dealers for correction. The correction process can repeat the above process.
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