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How to measure the size of an object in a bag?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-17
How to measure the size of an object in a bag? How to measure the size of the object bag has always been one of the most important issues when designing the bag size. If the design of the bag is small, the contents will not fit, and the design will increase the cost, so it is particularly important to find the most suitable size range. So how to measure it? How to measure the size of the designed packaging bag according to the goods it contains? First of all, no matter whether the shape of the product is regular or not, first treat the product as a cube, the size of the cube should be just enough to accommodate the product, roughly measure the length, width and height of the cube, and then estimate the number of products to be packed in the packaging bag, stack several cubes By calculating the total length, width and height, and leaving redundant space length, you can measure an approximate size of the required packaging bag. So what aspects should be considered when designing the size? What principles are involved? Next, we will answer how to measure the size of objects in bags from several aspects: 1. The demand for packaging bags—Dimensional design direction 2. Redundancy of capacity—3. Ergonomics of Dimensional Design Specifications—Detailed analysis of size design 1. Requirements of packaging bags The capacity of a packaging bag is limited, and the design direction is also different for different needs. (1) If it is a plastic shopping bag used in supermarkets, then their size design direction is to pack as many things as possible, and the size will not cause inconvenience to customers when carrying them, and the maximum weight will not make Customers' hands are too tired. (2) If it is a plastic shopping bag such as gifts, then the size of the plastic packaging bag is to consider how many commodities can be packed in one packaging bag without being too heavy or too large. For example, the design of the packaging bag for tea can just fit two boxes of tea leaves. Leave a little space, so that it will not be too heavy, and it is convenient to carry. (3) If it is a plastic shopping bag such as clothing, because the clothing is relatively light, and the average customer has too many clothing, the clothing bag is generally designed to be relatively large. The first consideration is a brand image and influence. If the bag is relatively large, the probability of other people's attention will increase, and at the same time, the large bag will separate the layers from other types of packaging bags; the second consideration is the show-off psychology of some customers. Many customers carry a Big bag, everyone else will have“It must be very rich to buy so much.”The idea of ​​​​so this can satisfy the show-off psychology of some customers. Different sizes for different needs: The redundant design of the capacity must be considered when designing the size of the 2-capacity redundancy, because it is impossible to design according to the size that just fits in, otherwise due to manufacturing errors, it may lead to Commodities cannot be loaded or it is difficult to load, resulting in increased packaging costs. Therefore, if an item is 250mm*350mm*10mm, then the corresponding design should be a little larger than this size, then the capacity should be designed as 270mm*370mm*20mm, and then the size should be changed according to the specific plastic bag style. Redundancy in capacity: 3 Ergonomics Any product that needs to be used by people should consider ergonomics, that is, design with human comfort and work efficiency in mind. The same is true for the design of the packaging, so in terms of size, if it is a shopping bag, you must consider the comfort of carrying. The strips should also be long enough to fit on the shoulders. Carrying shopping bags: END professional custom packaging bags plastic bags/non-woven bags PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan the QR code to consult the quotation
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