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How to order universal vacuum packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-07
In order to save costs and reduce waste of resources, many customers will choose non-printing, transparent, general-purpose vacuum packaging bags. Below, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer packaging will summarize the ordering skills of such general-purpose vacuum packaging bags, hoping to help customers who need vacuum packaging bags. 1. The materials required by the product The customer needs to supply the characteristics of the product: such as high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, oil resistance and puncture resistance, etc. Providing these characteristics can help the product find a more suitable packaging. 2. The size required by the product The size of the vacuum packaging bag must be provided by the customer, because the same product has different characteristics and the required size is also different. Only if the customer provides the detailed size, we can produce it strictly according to the requirements. 3. There are many bag types of bag-type vacuum packaging bags required by the product, such as: three-side sealing bag, stand-up bag, organ bag, etc. This requirement is selected according to the thickness of the product and the shape of the product. 4. The thickness required by the product The customer needs to supply the thickness required for the vacuum packaging bag, because the price is different for different thicknesses. Thickness is not only related to price, but also has an intuitive and important impact on product grade improvement. 5. The bag making process of the bag The bag making process of the vacuum packaging bag, such as: whether to round the corners, whether to make the incision, the size of the top seal, etc. Appropriate bag making technology will make the product more high-grade. 6. Bags cannot be ordered at will. When ordering general vacuum packaging bags, many customers do not know whether the bag has a good vacuum effect. Some customers even use PE single-layer bags as vacuum packaging bags, because the density of PE is relatively small, which is easy to cause flatulence, etc., and cannot be used for vacuum packaging.
Nowadays, the adoption of flexible packaging in flexible packaging solutions industry is quite common.
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