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How to prevent plastic packaging bags from being aged?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-16
Plastic packaging bags have been widely used in all aspects of our lives. In the process of using plastic packaging bags, they are often exposed to wind and sun, and they often age gradually. What measures should we take to avoid the aging of plastic packaging bags? How to effectively use packaging bags? In the natural environment, that is, under the condition of direct sunlight, the strength of plastic packaging bags will drop by 25% after one week, and by 40% after two weeks, which is basically unusable. That is to say, the storage and storage of plastic bags is very important. After plastic-packed cement is placed in the open air and exposed to direct sunlight, the strength will drop sharply. During the storage and transportation of plastic packaging bags, the temperature is too high (container transportation) or it is exposed to rain, which will cause its strength to decrease, and then fail to meet the quality requirements for protecting the contents. Excessive participation of recycled materials is also one of the reasons for promoting the aging of plastic packaging bags. It has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other fields, and the current greening of plastic packaging bags has also become an important development trend.
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