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How to remove the odor remaining on plastic packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-07
In our lives, we can see plastic bags everywhere. However, there are also many friends who have responded that there is some peculiar smell left on the newly purchased plastic packaging bag. So how to remove the peculiar smell remaining on plastic packaging bags? The following editor will introduce to you: In general, the peculiar smell on plastic packaging bags mainly comes from printing inks and ink solvents or composite adhesives and composite adhesives. Inner membrane from composite packaging. Therefore, in order to remove the peculiar smell remaining on the plastic packaging bag, the following points need to be done: 1. The design of the printing pattern of the plastic packaging bag should choose less color and monochrome elements to avoid printing on a solid substrate as much as possible Full page pattern. 2. When choosing printing inks for plastic packaging bags, do not use surface printing inks with strong odors. Also, do not use high-boiling solvents containing impurities, such as tar benzene, mixed benzene, and recycled solvents. 3. Do not use one-component PS composite adhesive with high odor for compounding. 4. For the inner layer film material selected in the compounding process, check whether it has odor, and do not use PE film with added filler to compound the inner layer substrate. 5. Do your best to increase the printing speed, reduce the viscosity of the printing ink as much as possible, reduce the ink load, keep the drying box and workshop ventilated, and minimize the ink and ink solvent residues. The content introduced above is the removal method of residual odor on plastic packaging bags. Of course, the plastic packaging bags just made have a little taste, which is normal, but if the taste is very big, it may be a problem with the product. Therefore, if the smell is relatively small, we only need to place it in a ventilated environment for a period of time.
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