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How to restore the wrinkled plastic packaging bag?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-31
In our daily life, we often use plastic packaging bags, most of which are thrown away after one use, causing a lot of waste. Now society advocates its recycling to reduce pollution. But after using it once, it will wrinkle, which will affect its beauty and usage rate. How can the wrinkling of the plastic packaging bag be restored to smoothness? The editor will explain to you below: 1. You can use heavier items to put the plastic The packaging bag is laid out and heavy objects are pressed on it. For example, you can put a few more books. After a period of time, the wrinkles will be reduced a lot. Second, use a hair dryer to blow, and then use an electric iron to iron. In the process of ironing, in addition to controlling the temperature, another very important thing is to clean the iron so as not to scratch the plastic bag. 3. Put it in the sun to dry, this is to take advantage of the thermal expansion and contraction of the plastic packaging bag, first put it in the sun, then put it in a cooler place, and stretch the plastic bag with external force to flatten it. Fourth, after the plastic packaging bag is used up, it can be folded and put up, and the wrinkling will be less when you use it next time. Through the above introduction, when we use plastic bags, we should pay attention to daily care and improve the utilization rate. It has many coups in life. For example, when cleaning white vests, you can put the vest with soap in the plastic bag and put it in the plastic bag. Put it in the sun for an hour, and it will be as white as ever when you wash it.
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