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How to seal plastic bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-04
In our daily life, we come into contact with plastic packaging bags almost every day. However, plastic packaging bags need to be sealed before they are officially put into use. Doing a good job of sealing can make the plastic packaging bag more firm and beautiful. Otherwise, even if the plastic packaging bag is good-looking, it will have a certain impact on the appearance and use of the product if the sealing is not good. So how to seal the plastic packaging bag? The following editor will introduce to you: The method of sealing the plastic packaging bag: 1. Heat sealing: Use a saw blade to heat it with fire, and then roll the plastic film, which is very practical. The effect is super good! You can also take a stick, roll up the bag to be sealed first, and then heat it with a small fire, not too long, just at once, so that it will be sealed tightly, and the bag will not be scalded Bad. 2. Seal the electric iron: When the electric iron is turned on, when the temperature is about the same, put an iron plate or hard object under it, and press it with the back of the electric iron. But pay attention to the following temperature and sealing speed when sealing with an electric iron, don't be too slow to cause the plastic bag to melt. 3. Sealing with mechanical equipment: For a large number of plastic packaging bags, in order to improve the sealing speed, a sealing machine can be used for sealing. Like some ordinary single-layer plastic packaging bags, it can be sealed with a foot-operated sealing machine. For multi-layer composite plastic packaging bags, such as PET plastic packaging bags, it usually takes a high temperature of 200 degrees to seal the bag. The content described above is actually the method of sealing plastic packaging bags. The sealing of plastic packaging bags is mainly temperature control. After the temperature is controlled, the sealing is smooth, beautiful, and will not be damaged. Therefore, a suitable temperature must be tested when sealing. Do not rush into mass production to avoid waste.
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