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How to solve the problem of aluminum foil bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-22
Products stored in aluminum foil bags generally have a short shelf life under natural conditions, and need to rely on vacuum or aluminum foil bags to extend the shelf life. However, aluminum foil bags sometimes expand for various reasons, so how to solve them? 1. Aluminum foil bag itself factors The first is the airtightness of the foil bag. Sealing the bag is the last process of bag making. If the final edge is not tightly closed, it will cause the food aluminum foil packaging bag to leak, and the gas may penetrate into the plastic packaging bag from the steam leakage position of the aluminum foil packaging bag, causing the bag to expand. The expansion bag caused by this reason needs to adjust the production parameters and control the heat sealing strength during production. After the heat sealing is completed, the instrument should be used for testing. If it is found that there are air bubbles protruding from the edge of the packaging bag, it means air leakage and needs to be remade. . Secondly, because the aluminum foil bag itself has metal properties, it is prone to wrinkles during storage and use. Such wrinkles will cause small holes in the bag, and the aluminum foil bag will leak. Therefore, during storage and use, pay attention to the placement of the aluminum foil bag to avoid wrinkles and folds. 2. Food spoilage Food aluminum foil packaging bags leak air, and another important factor is food spoilage. If the food is not fully sterilized during the production process, or the aluminum foil bag is filled with liquid, long-term storage will cause bacteria to multiply and generate gas, causing the aluminum foil bag to expand and the food inside to deteriorate.
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