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How to win the 1.1 trillion yuan snack market by packaging?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-11-09
The data shows that from 2010 to 2019, China's snack food industry achieved rapid expansion, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.92%. In 2019, the market size of China's snack food industry reached 1,055.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.63%. In 2020, it will exceed 1,100 billion yuan. In the face of a booming market, is your packaging ready? In the snack market, the problem of product homogeneity is serious. Everyone has the same product type and basically similar packaging. So in the face of fierce market competition, how should the snacks displayed on the shelves at the same time break through? 1. Clear and clear face to consumers, snack packaging should be clear and bright——who I am. There are countless kinds of snacks on the supermarket shelves, but consumers may only want one, so the product information needs to be clearly and directly marked on the packaging. For example, instant noodles are basically written in a prominent place on the package.“Laotan Beef Noodles with Pickled Cabbage”,“Unified Braised Beef Noodles”Wait, give consumers the answer as soon as possible, so that consumers can sit in the right seat without searching or thinking, and have an intersection with themselves. 2. Energy saving and environmental protection At present, in“Practicing thrift and opposing waste”Under the initiative of , consumers' awareness of environmental protection is awakening, and the cumbersome and layered packaging is no longer in line with market demand. Streamlining and environmental protection are the new demands of the modern market for the snack food industry. Therefore, snack packaging should give priority to environmentally friendly materials, such as PLA, BOPE, etc., to achieve degradability and improve packaging recycling rate. At the same time, it is necessary to minimize the amount of packaging and do not overpack. In addition, the company's environmental protection concept can be promoted in the packaging, so that consumers have a sense of participation. For example, Nongfu Spring claims to donate a penny to the disaster area for every bottle sold. For snacks, donate some money for the research and development and use of environmentally friendly materials, which not only resonates with consumers, but also contributes to national environmental protection. 3. The use of intelligent means of packaging is limited, and the information that can be presented is also limited, but the study found that consumers want to know more about the origin and production of food. Therefore, many brands have consciously added a QR code to the back of the packaging to facilitate consumers to learn more about products and brands by scanning the code. But that's all. Most domestic brands only use information such as the origin of smart labels, and do not extend to more diverse directions, such as the freshness of snacks. Packaging believes that in the future, the snack packaging industry can use smart means to a deeper level, innovate smart labels, tap consumer needs, and be the first to eat crabs in areas that others have not set foot in. 4. For products sold online, consumers have more time to distinguish, and of course there are more choices. At this time, in order for snacks to catch the attention of consumers, the packaging design must comprehensively consider the needs of consumers, and create a unique and ritual packaging. Make interesting and impressive packaging a part of saving“attracting gold + eye-catching”The interactive design of the product extends a huge added value for the product. For example, a brand makes tea bags in the shape of clothes and hangs them on a drying rack. When consumers make tea, they experience the experience of picking a piece of clothing from the wardrobe every day, which is very interesting and ritualistic. Consumers alike.
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