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Hygiene of composite packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-30
The main purpose of composite packaging bags is to package food, medicines, etc. Therefore, the sanitation of composite packaging bags is an important indicator. With the improvement of national health regulations and the improvement of consumer awareness, its requirements will be further improved. What are the factors that affect the hygiene of composite packaging bags? (1) The influence of the composite base material Only under the premise of ensuring the hygienic properties of the composite base material, can it be processed into a sanitary and safe composite bag. The composite substrates include various plastic films, aluminum foils, and aluminized films. These substrates should be non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless on food and pharmaceutical packaging bags, and meet the hygienic and safety indicators. Among the various composite substrates, the most influential is the inner substrate of the composite bag, which directly contacts the contents of the packaging bag. Except for a small amount of EVA/EAA/EEA, the inner substrate is mostly used PE and PP. Regarding polyethylene, polypropylene, these polymer materials that directly contact food and medicine. (2) The influence of auxiliary materials In the normal process of composite packaging bags, a large number of auxiliary materials are needed. The main auxiliary materials are ink, adhesive, solvent, slippery powder, etc. Due to the particularity of the auxiliary materials, it has the greatest impact on the hygiene of the composite packaging bag, because these organic low-molecular substances can migrate into the food and medicine through the composite inner layer. (3) The impact of environmental sanitation The production of composite packaging bags has to go through many links and procedures. For this reason, environmental sanitation in production and processing transfer and storage is also extremely important. Manufacturing equipment should be kept clean, and manufacturing equipment must not be toxic. Chemical warehouses Positive pressure should be maintained and the warehouse should be clean.
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