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If you're going to use a grocery bag, that's what you should look at

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-25
Food packaging film bags and pharmaceutical packaging film bags are the most stringent among many packaging bags, because most of them are eaten directly by tearing the packaging bags. If the packaging bag is unqualified, the original shelf life will be shortened, resulting in product deterioration and great harm to the human body. So what properties do they have to have to be considered a safe and qualified food packaging bag? 1. Barrier property Barrier property to water vapor and oxygen: verified by water vapor transmission rate and oxygen transmission rate test respectively, to prevent the packaging material from being affected by moisture and oxidative deterioration due to large transmission rate and poor barrier property. Kneading resistance: For composite films containing aluminum materials, such as aluminized films, the oxygen permeability test before and after rubbing is used to compare and verify. Material barrier properties are reduced. 2. Uniformity of thickness of physical and mechanical properties: It is verified by testing the thickness of the packaging material. The uniformity of the thickness of the packaging material is the basis for ensuring its good performance. Smoothness: It is verified by the friction coefficient test. If the friction coefficient of the roll film is not suitable, too large or too small, it is easy to cause poor opening of the packaging material, slippage or poor unwinding during bag making. Heat-sealing effect: Verified by heat-sealing strength test, mainly for the detection of finished drug product packaging, to prevent problems such as air leakage at the heat-sealing part or rupture of the heat-sealing root due to poor heat-sealing or excessive heat-sealing of the packaging material. Sealing effect: It is verified by testing the sealing performance of the packaging bag, mainly for the inspection items of the finished drug packaging, to find the parts of the packaging bag that are prone to air leakage, and to prevent the drugs from being damp or oxidized. Pressure resistance: It is verified by testing the pressure resistance of the packaging bags to prevent bag breakage or air leakage when the packaging bags are stacked or squeezed by other external forces. Drop resistance: Verified by the drop test of the packaging bag to prevent the finished drug packaging from breaking when it is dropped. 3. Sanitary performance Solvent residual content: verified by solvent residual test, if the residual organic solvent content in the packaging material is high, it is easy to gradually migrate into the drug during the contact process with the drug, contaminating the drug.
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