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If you want to customize food packaging bags, you need to pay attention to several issues

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-25
It is believed that different food packaging bag manufacturers will have their own characteristics, such as the production methods and production procedures of packaging bags, according to the actual situation, different manufacturers. The procedures for customized food packaging bags will also be different, so be sure to ask clearly before ordering, both parties can produce through agreement to ensure that everything is safe. When we inquire about food packaging bags and actually order packaging bags, we will always encounter various problems. Here we are going to analyze these problems and hope to help you. First of all, for the quantity 1 of the food packaging bag, the minimum order quantity: because we have a manufacturer here, the price is favorable. For small products, start with a setup of 2 coils (6000m). 2. Accuracy: Generally, food packaging bag manufacturers cannot guarantee that the number of orders and customer sets are exactly the same. According to industry standards, the wrong number is normal, and the loss in the production process will be calculated as 10%. Second, for the color ratio of dot-color printing, if dot-color printing is required, we hope that customers have their own color ratio pattern or a bag, preferably a template can be provided in the bag. Third, for the introduction of product 1, our website shows the types of food packaging bags, boil bags, vacuum bags, retort bags, composite packaging, and packaging roll films. Our products are made to measure, so we do not have a standard product catalog. 2. Our sample sample package samples are mailed to customers. We are responsible for the mailing costs throughout the whole process. Customers do not need to worry about them. Fourth, the price list and quotation are calculated according to customer specifications, materials used, batch, printing requirements and other conditions, so we do not have the scale of the price list. The product is accepted by the customer, and the two parties confirm the signing of the contract and put it into production, which enables us to understand and quickly put into production.
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