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Improve the packaging processing website and promote the website to enhance user experience

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-22
Internet marketing is no stranger to us now. It is no doubt that products are sold through websites. This understanding is correct. Many website owners think that in order to sell products, they must make it easy for customers to find us. They do website SEO optimization or bid keyword ranking. It is indeed easy for customers to find your website, but it is not necessarily easy for customers to buy. Your product, there are many reasons for this. It may be that the product types of the website are not complete, it may be that the keywords do not match the actual product, or the customer often cannot find the product he wants after entering the website. These situations are likely to cause customers to look at your website and not buy. In the final analysis, these are caused by the low user experience. Many websites do not hesitate to forget the user experience in order to sell products. The website makes a big gap with the products to be sold, resulting in unclear product classification, which leads to the emergence of those situations. In order to improve these situations, our Dongguan has added and modified some functions on the company website, as shown in the following figure: We added this function mainly to improve customer experience. When customers enter our website, after browsing products , You will see relevant information recommendations, which undoubtedly saves customers the time to find supporting information. For example, when customers need to buy a packaging machine from us to package their products, customers need to pack a large number of card-like items. When we Recommend the card issuer in the recommendation information. The customer may not notice or know its specific intention due to too many products on the website, but when the customer sees the information and recommendation, he understands the intention after seeing the card issuer , This can also promote its transaction, which is also a good way of product network marketing. Improving user experience is to increase the user's stickiness to the website, and it is an important way to promote transactions with customers.
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