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by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-21
With the continuous improvement of the automation level of packaging machinery and equipment, packaging equipment not only has a greater improvement in speed, but also pays more attention to humanization and innovation in automation details. Therefore, a series of automated packaging system solutions have been introduced. 1. Card sub-card packaging points conveying system. The system is simple, light, flexible, space-saving, and fast conveying. It can realize the integrated operation of points packaging and collection, and can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers, which greatly saves labor costs and product delivery. The security and stability. And the card issuance points function can be equipped in various forms of production lines according to user needs. 2. Automatic card pushing packaging system The standardized structure design of automatic card pushing packaging system is simple and easy to use. It can be set by yourself. It is widely used for packaging and processing products such as cards, game cards, little books, and biscuits. This system can be adjusted in size, telescopic freely, and adopts the point-driven conveying method, which truly realizes the integrated automatic packaging. 3. Vertical packaging machine with automatic card dispenser system scheme, automatic vertical packaging machine with automatic card dispenser system scheme, digital input settings, so that the packaging points are more accurate. At the same time, it has a fault self-diagnosis function, the fault display is clear at a glance, and the production reliability is improved. 4. Pillow type machine issuance card machine system scheme. The automatic pillow type can realize the automatic packaging process of product points, product (stacked, single) packaging, sealing, and collection. The packaging line can meet the compatible packaging of a variety of sheet products, quick replacement, convenient and efficient. 5. The printed matter paging points collection system is modified to collect the container after the automatic counting machine paging points. The PLC and man-machine interface display, the operation is clear and simple, the automation is high, and it is more humane. Greatly reduce labor costs. The equipment is equipped with an automatic inspection and alarm system, automatic alarm for missing points and errors, and multiple single sheets or continuous card issuance points can be set. 6. Vibration counting and packaging system. The system scheme has strong flexibility. After setting the quantity, press the start button and the counting machine vibrates feeding, instead of weighing and packaging, the points are more accurate and more cost savings. Reasonably planning the use of space in the plant and maximizing the utilization of space is one of the issues that manufacturers must consider when rationally constructing a complete production line. Especially for small and medium-sized production enterprises, in the process of transformation and upgrading, the characteristics of packaging machinery and equipment that meet the requirements of small footprint and diversified uses often become the best choice. The integrated packaging solution system has been favored by many customers in recent years. Not only has it reduced labor costs and scrap rate, it has also improved production efficiency and quality, formed a scientific and effective automated packaging system, and formed an efficient and stable production mode.
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