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Introduce the precautions when printing food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-19
Customized food packaging bags can be divided into: general food packaging bags, vacuum food packaging bags, inflatable food packaging bags, boiled food packaging bags, retort food packaging bags and functional food packaging bags according to the scale of their use. There are many uses of food packaging bags, but do you know what to pay attention to when printing food packaging bags? Custom-made food packaging bags 1: The pressure of the rollers should be adjusted properly when printing food packaging bags, and the rubber will be rolled if you are not careful when printing the packaging bags. Therefore, the pressure of the roller should be reduced before printing, and the lining in the rubber should be reduced. In order to prevent rubber sticking and rubber rolling, it is necessary to add more additives or adhesives to the ink, and look at them together to prevent double sheets, multiple sheets and paper tilting, and ensure that the pressure is even and the rubber is not rolled. Two: The printing of food packaging bags is the same as other printed products, and the requirements rules are accurate, otherwise it will affect its quality. When printing, adjust the unevenness of the front gauge and the side gauge pressboard according to the thickness of the paper. At the same time, adjust the pressure of the pressing roller and the brush roller on the feeding cardboard, and tighten the belt if the feeding cloth is loose. When starting the machine, if the rules are found to be poor, you should also check the paper feeding status and the pressure of the paper roller and the paper roller in time; for thicker paper, the pressure of the paper roller and the brush roller should be heavier. And detect the time of unloading the paper and the time of pulling the gauge, as well as the handover time of the side gauge and the swinging tooth, and find the problem and deal with it in time until the upper and lower and the placement rules are accurate and error-free. Three: Ink color has a direct impact on the quality of printed products, and packaging plays an important role in the maintenance and decoration of items. The quality of packaging and printing will directly affect everyone's aesthetics and costs. Therefore, when printing packaging, it must meet quality standards. To achieve beautiful and beautiful products, we need to carefully complete every step of the printing process, so that there will be considerable profit and quality.
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