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Introduce the production process of plastic bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-11-08
With a complete set of plastic bag production process technology, how to produce plastic bags? The traditional form of plastic bag production is divided into five processes, each step is a more in-depth processing process of the plastic bag, these processes are interlinked, and each process is indispensable. Each process also has its own special machines and operating specifications, and the quality of plastic bags depends on the working conditions of these different processes. The first process is the preparation stage of PE raw materials. PE raw material is extracted from petroleum, which is non-toxic and non-irritating, and is very suitable for packaging plastic bags, such as various food packaging plastic bags. For plastic bag manufacturers, PE raw materials are generally not produced by themselves, but purchased as raw materials. It should be noted that there are many processing workshops that produce recycled particles and add them to the production of plastic bags, and their products are unqualified. The second process is the process of blowing film. The prepared PE raw material is processed into a plastic film by heating and melting, mainly using a film blowing machine. The plastic film is blown into different widths and thicknesses according to the customer's order requirements, and whether it is embossed or not. The third process is printing. Each plastic bag generally has a certain text or pattern, and related printing work is carried out in this process. If the plastic bag does not have any text or pattern, and the plastic bag is transparent, then this process can be omitted. The fourth process is sealing and cutting, cutting and sealing a roll of printed plastic film, and finally forming the plastic bag required by the customer through a specific punching knife. In the past, sealing and cutting were also completed in several steps. With the continuous improvement of production equipment, it is now fully automated at one time, saving labor and improving efficiency! The last step is to package and ship the goods, and send the goods to the customer's location by logistics or express delivery according to the customer's requirements. The five processes of making plastic bags are not complicated, but each step is critical.
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