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Introduction and design elements of plastic packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-03
Plastic bags, plastic packaging bags, food bags and other products can be seen everywhere in our lives, bringing great convenience to our lives. Classification of plastic packaging bags: According to the production raw materials of plastic bags, there are polypropylene plastic bags, high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polyvinyl chloride plastic bags, and low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags. According to the shape of plastic bags, there are straight-tube bags, special-shaped bags, sealed bags, vest bags, and plastic bags. The main characteristics of plastic packaging bags are: first, most plastic packaging bags have good chemical resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to various organic additives, long-term storage, no oxidation. Second, it is easy to form, and the energy required for forming is lower than that of metal materials such as steel. Third, the processing cost is low. Fourth, the insulation properties of plastic packaging bags are excellent. Fifth, the density of plastic packaging bags is low and the strength is high. Sixth, it has good transparency and easy coloring. Seventh, with good strength, plastic packaging bags have high strength per unit weight, impact resistance, and easy modification. However, the role of packaging bags in our daily life is not just as simple as packaging items. With the progress of society and the continuous development of the economy, plastic packaging bags also play a role in highlighting product characteristics while packaging goods. , to promote the corporate image and other important roles. Therefore, the following aspects should be paid attention to when designing and manufacturing plastic packaging bags. First, plastic packaging bags should pay equal attention to practicality and aesthetics. Plastic packaging bags can protect goods well, and vacuum plastic packaging bags can also effectively extend the shelf life of food that is prone to spoilage. Therefore, practicality is the main characteristic that needs to be possessed in the design and production of plastic packaging bags. At the same time, plastic packaging bags should also have a certain aesthetics, in order to effectively promote product marketing and corporate brand promotion, so that companies can obtain higher profits. Second, highlight the characteristics of commodities and improve the quality of commodities. In modern society, material is abundant, and there is a serious homogenization phenomenon among all kinds of commodities. How to stand out from a large variety of similar products, plastic packaging bags play an important role, not only can well package products, but also need to attract the attention and favor of consumers, is an excellent plastic packaging bag design and production products . Third, the production concept needs to highlight green environmental protection. Today is an era of highly developed social civilization, and the concept of green environmental protection has been recognized and accepted by consumers. Therefore, the design and production of plastic packaging bags should also conform to the development and changes of the times, and try to adopt green and environmentally friendly production processes and production equipment, such as recyclable or degradable plastic packaging bag materials, in order to be more popular with consumers and society. Recognition can also establish a good positive image for the company.
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