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Introduction of several bag types of food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-14
The common bag types of food packaging bags are as follows: 1. Three-side sealing bag The three-side sealing bag has two side seams and a top seam bag, and the bottom edge is formed by horizontally folding the film. The bags are available with or without a hem, and when they have a hem, they can stand upright on a shelf. A variant of the three-side sealed bag is to fold the original edge to form the bottom edge, which is realized by bonding, so that it essentially becomes a four-side sealed bag. 2. Back-sealed bags Back-sealed bags are also called pillow-shaped bags. The bags have back, upper and lower seams, making them pillow-shaped. Many small food bags are often packaged in pillow-shaped bags. The back seam of the pillow bag forms a fin-like envelope, in which the inner layers of film are brought together and sealed with the seam protruding from the back of the enclosed bag. Another form of sealing is overlapping sealing, in which the inner layer on one side is bonded to the outer layer on the other side to form a flat seal. because“fin”The shape seal is relatively strong, and as long as the inner layer of the packaging material is heat-sealed, it is widely used. and“overlapping”The shape seal is relatively weak and requires both the inner and outer layers of the bag to be heat-sealed, so it is not used much. The top and bottom seals are bonded to the bag inner material. 3. Folding bag Folding bag is also called folding bag and organ bag. It is a deformation of the back sealing bag, and the two sides of the bag are folded in to form an M shape. If the M-shaped is asymmetrical, it is also called a trapezoidal hemmed bag. 4. Four-side sealed bags Four-side sealed bags are usually made of two (roll) materials with top, side and bottom seals. Compared with the bags mentioned before, it is possible to use two different plastic resin materials. If If they can be bonded to each other, they can be made into a four-side seal bag with front bonding. Four-side seal pockets can be made in various shapes, such as hearts or ovals. 5. The zipper bag is equipped with an easy-to-open zipper bag on the three-side sealing bag and the main body bag. 6. Three-dimensional bags There are many types of three-dimensional bags, mainly including the following types: ① Bottom-up boat-shaped stand-up bags. ② Folding bottom integrated three-dimensional bag. ③ Oblique knife heat-sealed three-dimensional bag. ④ Bottle-shaped knife mold three-dimensional bag. ⑤ The three-dimensional bag with mouth is divided into three-dimensional bag with oblique mouth and three-dimensional bag with roof cover. ⑥ Air pressure stand-up bag. 7. Special-shaped bags Fruit-shaped, cartoon-shaped and other shapes of bags. 8. There are triangle, butterfly, airplane, round hole, semicircle, waist drum and so on.
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