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Introduction to the printing process of food packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-14
The printed words on the packaging bag are often an important way to reflect a product. At present, my country's packaging and printing process has formed a coexistence of lithography, letterpress printing (including flexo process), gravure printing, screen printing and digital printing. , The lithography process should be the first in packaging printing, followed by flexographic printing, gravure printing, screen printing and digital printing. The biggest advantage of the offset printing process is that the plate making is convenient and fast, and the production cost is relatively low. Especially the application of the eTP plate making process makes the cost advantage of the plate making more prominent. It is expected that the plate making cost of the offset printing process still has room for reduction. The flexographic printing process is compatible with the advantages of letterpress, lithographic and gravure printing processes. Since the printing plate is flexible, the printing pressure is much lighter than other processes, and the printing pressure is lighter, the printing ink is thick, the printing is clear, and the printing plate is durable. high rate feature. This process can print both cardboard with glossy surface and cardboard with rough surface: both non-absorbent materials and highly absorbent cardboard can be printed: both thin paper and thick paper can be printed: both It is suitable for printing fine anilox version, line version, and also suitable for printing spot color line version or solid version. However, because the plate is expensive, it is not suitable for packaging and printing products in small and medium batches. Gravure printing process has thick ink layer, full and three-dimensional printing ink color, rich layout printing layer, strong texture, fast drying speed of printing ink color, and ancient text is more suitable for printing products with large area and thick ink. The gravure printing process is suitable for printing solid, spot color line plates, and fine anilox plates. Compared with offset printing, flexo printing or silk screen printing, this process is the least likely to produce printing color difference, and the quality of printed products is relatively stable. , especially suitable for printing bulk packaging and printing products. The screen printing process, as the name implies, has a screen structure. The liquid ink penetrates through the mesh of the screen graphic and text layout through the action of the scraper, and then penetrates and pads on the product to form the printed graphic. Its biggest feature It is a product with a thick printing ink layer, which is suitable for printing a large area of ​​solid or line layout, and has huge market development potential.
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