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Introduction to the types of vacuum food packaging bag materials

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-04
Today we will talk about the classification and characteristics of the main materials of food vacuum bags. Several types of composite materials for vacuum bags are generally: PA/PE or PA/RCPP PET/PE or PET/RCPP There are also three or four layers, in order to increase the texture properties of the material: PET/PA/PE PET/AL/RCPP PA/ AL/RCPP PET/PA/ AL/RCPP vacuum packaging material classification, the following are the characteristics of each material suitable for vacuum packaging: 1. Among them, PE is suitable for low temperature use, and RCPP is suitable for high temperature cooking; Physical strength, puncture resistance; 3. AL aluminum foil is to increase the barrier performance and shading; 4. PET, to increase mechanical strength, with excellent stiffness. Then according to the needs, combinations, various properties, there are also transparent ones, in order to increase the barrier properties, the water-resistant PVA high-barrier coating is used. Several common vacuum packaging bags High temperature cooking bags, vacuum bags are used to package various meat cooked food, easy to use and hygienic. Material: NY/PE, NY/AL/RCPP, NY/PE Features: Moisture-proof, temperature-resistant, shading, fragrance-preserving, toughness Applicable: high-temperature sterilization food, ham, curry, grilled eel, grilled fish and braised meat products. At present, the most used vacuum packaging is mainly film materials, of course, bottled and canned are also used. For the film materials used in food vacuum packaging, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging effect, beauty and economy of various foods are in the best state. At the same time, food vacuum packaging also has higher requirements on the light blocking and stability of the material. When these requirements cannot be met with a single material, the package is often composed of a combination of different materials.
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