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Is a wrinkled zipper bag not classy? Eliminate wrinkles, just pay attention to 3 points

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-12
In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, more and more money is at the disposal of residents, and people's consumption concept is also changing. For the food industry, food manufacturers used to pay more attention to price, because the lower the cost, the greater the market competitiveness, because most consumers are only price-oriented, but today is different, people's thinking has changed, and convenient products are more popular. welcome. For example, in the past, simple packaging bags could meet the needs. Now most of the seasonings have been added with suction nozzles or zippers, and convenient packaging is becoming more and more popular. The zipper is a commonly used form in packaging. It refers to the packaging bag that can be repeatedly sealed by pressing the zipper. It is a one-time molding. After the contents are filled or taken out, a plastic film bag that can be repeatedly sealed and opened is made through the convex ribs and grooves at the opening. Common materials are PE, EVA, PO, multi-layer composite zipper bags, etc. However, in the production process of zipper bags, it is easy to encounter the problem of folds of the composite film around the zipper, which affects the aesthetics of the bag and also affects the service life. Today, I will analyze the causes and ways to avoid wrinkles in zipper bags. There are two common problems in zipper bags: one is local delamination or surface wrinkles at both ends of the zipper; the other is the surface wrinkles at the zipper and the bag body seal. The wrinkles at both ends of the zipper bag are sometimes closely related to the choice of the zipper. When purchasing zippers, we must pay attention that the melting point and shrinkage rate of the zipper should be lower than or equal to the melting point and shrinkage rate of the heat sealing layer of the composite film, so as to avoid the melting point and shrinkage of the zipper. The wrinkling phenomenon that occurs when the rates are severely mismatched. The cooling condition is also one of the important factors in the bag making process. If the deformed zipper can be fully cooled before the bag making process is completed, the composite film that has completed the bag making process will continue to generate heat under storage conditions. The possibility of shrinkage is greatly reduced. If the heat-sealing layer and zipper in the composite film bag that has been processed into the bag are still in a molten state or viscoelastic state, then, under storage conditions, the heat-sealing layer and the zipper must undergo some degree of thermal shrinkage. Then a corresponding degree of surface wrinkling occurs. Therefore, the surface temperature of the bag making machine cooling has become one of the important factors affecting the appearance quality of the composite bag.
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