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Is plastic packaging for food dangerous?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-12
Is plastic packaging for food harmful? Compared with many people who want to know whether there is any harm, and if so, how harmful it is, now I will briefly explain whether plastic packaging for food is harmful. At present, there are many types of plastic bags for food packaging bags, which are mainly produced by two types: the first one: made of polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine and other raw materials, and the second one: polyvinyl chloride. The second type of polyvinyl chloride is toxic. Although the polyvinyl chloride resin itself is not toxic, a plasticizer is added during the production process, so it will be toxic. Remember that plastic bags made of polyvinyl chloride are toxic. Then, some stabilizers are also added to some plastic products. However, these stabilizers are mainly lead stearate, and the lead salts are very easy to precipitate. Once the human body inhales these substances, they will accumulate in the body, causing lead poisoning and harming Consumer health So how to identify whether plastic bags are toxic? The first one: water detection method: put the plastic packaging bag into water, after the non-toxic plastic bag is put into the water, it can surface; however, the toxic plastic bag is the opposite and will not float to the surface. The second: hand touch detection method: touch the plastic packaging bag with hands, those who have a sense of lubrication are non-toxic; otherwise, they are toxic. The third type: shaking detection method: grab one end of the plastic bag with your hand, pat it hard, and make a crisp sound, it is non-toxic; otherwise it is toxic. Fire, poisonous is not easy to burn; poisonous is very easy to burn, and has a pungent odor. The above is whether plastic packaging for food is harmful, and how to identify whether plastic bags are toxic.
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