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Knowledge about shrink label identification of packaged drinking water

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-15
According to the latest news of plastic bags, the state has issued relevant policies for drinking water manufacturers and their packaging manufacturers this year, requiring that the shrinkage labels of drinking water should be true and scientific, and should not be named after one or more ingredients other than water. Packaging drinking water, because such a name can cause consumer misunderstandings. As a leading enterprise in the flexible packaging industry, plastic bags have produced bottle shrink labels for many well-known domestic companies. Let me take a popular science, what is a shrink label: shrink label is the abbreviation of heat shrink film label, printed on shrink plastic with special ink The film label on the film or plastic tube only needs to be heated to about 70℃ when labeling, and the shrink label will quickly shrink along the outer contour of the container and stick to the surface of the container. The heat shrinkable film label mainly shrinks. Sleeve label and shrink wrap label. The main substrates of shrink labels are: PVC, PET and OPS, and the finished products have monomer labels and automatic sleeve labels. The shrinkage ratio can be adjusted according to the needs of customers' products. Shrink labels are mainly suitable for: plastic containers, glass containers, paper containers and other bottle labels and bottle materials. It is widely used in industries such as dairy beverages, wines, condiments, detergents, chemical pharmacy, stationery, etc. Regarding the issue of the country’s announcement on the printing of shrink labels for drinking water, plastic bags will communicate with customers in a timely manner and will not produce shrink labels that do not meet the standard.
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