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Let your brand enter the hearts of people through clothing packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-25
For clothing brands, clothing packaging bags have an irreplaceable brand/marketing promotion effect, because before customers make purchase choices, clothing packaging bags are the final link between customers and brands. A good packaging bag can not only give customers an excellent consumption experience, but also drive the brand into the eyes and even the hearts of customers. I still remember that in 2012, the e-commerce nut brand Three Squirrels was born. The most talked about is its characteristic packaging bag at that time. Since its launch, from the first Double 11 in 2012, which won the championship with 7.66 million, to the five consecutive championships in 2016 with a single-day sales of 500 million. Over the past five years, the three squirrels have sold more than 400 million bags of nuts. To achieve such an effect in just 5 years, it can be said that it depends to a certain extent on the personalized packaging of the three squirrels, and gives customers a visual and emotional interaction experience, so that the brand image has been firmly imprinted on customers. heart. For the same reason, to this day, personalized clothing packaging bags are also an urgent need to change the direction of clothing operations, which will help companies understand the consumer needs of consumers in the general environment and find what they want to see. The picture scene, and combined with the tonality of its own brand, carry out conceptual packaging. For ordinary customers, they often pay attention to whether the packaging of the clothes they buy is beautiful, and then they will pay more attention to some information on the packaging. However, for professional flexible packaging manufacturers, packaging is more about considering packaging materials and production processes, and even looking for printing defects intentionally or unintentionally, such as whether overprinting is accurate, and whether thin text and lines can see the margins clearly……In fact, in the final analysis, the content and effect of clothing packaging bags should aggregate the three functions of brand promotion, marketing promotion and product advertising. At the same time, we will find an excellent manufacturer of clothing packaging bags, so that the above three functions can be displayed on the packaging, and even more functions and more perfect details can be exerted. Taking the 20-year experience of packaging professionals in packaging operations, in order to make clothing packaging bags that can be popular, the following 6 principles should be followed: Criterion 1: Clear brand positioning As brand positioning, it is necessary to clearly understand the relationship between the company and its customers. The central value of the brand. When brand positioning, do not underestimate the understanding ability of today's customers, and repeat inquiries or problems encountered with the product, such as: Is this a value proposition together? What is the primary product advantage? Can it bring about the optimization of lifestyle? Can it help customers gain convenience? Principle 2: Investigate the competition environment The purpose of the competition environment is to use differentiation strategies among similar products to end the promotion of brands and products, and to give customers reasons to choose this product. Criterion 3: Establish an Information Hierarchy The organization of information is a key element of bag presentation. Broadly speaking, the information hierarchy can be divided into the following levels: brand, product, variety, interest. Criterion 4: The focal brand that creates the planning element has sufficient characteristics, can its product find a place in the store? not necessarily! Because it also needs to be clear about the most important feature information the product wants to convey to the customer. So packaging planners have to think about, assuming there is something to make a product, what is it? Then, place the primary information of the excellent product features in the most dazzling position on the front, and the non-essential information is placed in order below it. Criterion 5: Use visuals to convey value Showcasing the product inside with a clear window on the front of the package is almost always the right choice, because customers want visual recognition when shopping. In addition to this, shapes, images, graphics, and colors all have the function of concluding communication without relying on words. Criterion 6: Choose a reliable manufacturer of garment bags Because the manufacturers of garment packaging bags are not good or bad, and they are produced in large quantities, there will inevitably be different places in the printing process. Whether digital or traditional, the handling of fine elements is critical. Only professional flexible packaging manufacturers and manufacturers with rich production experience are the best choices.
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