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Liquid leakage occurs in the heat-sealed part of the meat product packaging bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-25
Quality problems: Liquid leakage often occurs in the heat-sealed parts of meat product packaging bags with a large amount of liquid ingredients. Reason analysis: 1. Poor heat sealing performance of packaging bag materials-in the packaging process of meat products, small particles such as liquid droplets or meat product ingredients fragments often stick to the heat seal. Inappropriate selection of the film material, the heat-sealing strength of the heat-sealed part with small particles will be easily reduced, the sealing performance will be worse, the external force will be squeezed or the storage time will be longer, and the phenomenon of liquid leakage will easily occur. It can be verified by testing the heat-sealing strength of finished packaging bags and empty packaging bags without contents. 2. The heat sealing performance of the finished product packaging production process is poor. If the parameters of the heat sealing equipment are not set properly, the sealing quality of the heat sealing part will be poor, and the phenomenon of poor heat sealing or excessive heat sealing will easily cause heat sealing. There is a leak. Expert advice: ——Pay attention to the daily inspection of the main performance of the packaging bag, such as the heat sealing strength (empty packaging bag), heat sealing strength (finished packaging bag), and sealing performance (negative pressure method). ——Choose a packaging bag material with good resistance to inclusions (that is, when there are particles, droplets, powder and other particles in the heat seal, it still has good heat sealability), or appropriately increase the thickness of the heat seal layer material— —Adjust the heat-sealing process parameters to avoid fine particles in the heat-sealed part, and ensure that the heat-sealed part has good heat-sealing quality. Typical quality cases: ——Test sample: chicken claw packaging bag (customers report that the finished packaging bag is in the process of transportation or sales , There is leakage in the heat-sealed part of the packaging bag). —— Targeted test items: sealing performance (negative pressure method), heat sealing strength (finished product packaging bag) ——Test results: in the sealing performance (negative pressure method) test, the finished chicken feet are packaged at -80KPa (due to this The product is packaged in vacuum, so the pressure when leakage occurs is higher than that of ordinary packaging bags), air leakage occurs at the heat seal; the uniformity of the heat seal strength of the finished product packaging is poor, and the heat seal strength can reach 55N/15mm when the seal is good. , The heat seal strength of the seal intersection is only 13N/15mm. Therefore, the poor sealing uniformity of the heat-sealed package is an important reason for the leakage of the heat-sealed seam.
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