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Looking at plastic food packaging bags from convenience and practicality

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-19
The pollution of plastic bags to the environment is still not small, it is difficult to eliminate the degradation of pollution, and the urban and natural environment will cause serious pollution, so we attach great importance to this kind of pollution around the world, in the field of environmental protection. With the rapid development of society, people have put forward new requirements and development trends for plastic packaging, mainly the main trends of reducing quantitative, harmless and composting. Minimize the consumption of resources and production waste in the production of plastic bags, research, develop and promote the use of degradable plastic packaging and photodegradation of high-fill inorganic material plastic packaging, therefore, the use of raw materials and petroleum can be saved. It is not only vulnerable to environmental damage, but also has strategic significance for the utilization of resources. After testing, the study found that after a period of time, the degradation of food packaging bags, the chemical and mechanical properties of the landfill, have undergone dramatic changes in a short period of time is completely harmless biodegradable waste, such as soil environmental capacity, Reduce waste, control environmental pollution, and ultimately return to the natural environment. In recent years, landfill incineration has gradually been restricted, and composting has begun to receive attention, which can not only reduce the emission of harmful gases, but also improve the soil as an organic fertilizer. Therefore, the development of degradable plastic bags is moving towards composting to better meet the needs of the entire field. Degradable plastic bags are a new member of plastic packaging products, which can effectively alleviate environmental pollution, but their production technology and application need to be further developed, which is of great significance to energy utilization and environmental protection.
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