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Material Analysis of Tea Packaging Bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-30
As the hometown of tea, China is rich in tea products, and tea bags are a very common packaging bag in our daily life. The basic requirements are moisture-proof, anti-itch, good sealing performance, environmental protection, and exquisite printing. So do you also know the tea bag material? The first is PET/VMPET/PE, which is a high-density, high-barrier, light-shielding vacuum packaging bag made of three plastic films, commonly known as polyester aluminized packaging bag. Its use can often be seen in the tea packaging in our lives. The second type of PA/PE, which is a vacuum packaging composed of nylon and high pressure, has the characteristics of puncture resistance, stretch resistance, high density, and moisture resistance. This can be transparent or full-page printing to make an opaque vacuum bag, which is also very suitable for the packaging of tea. The third type of PA/AL/PE, the tea vacuum packaging bag made of these three materials is commonly known as aluminum foil packaging bag. Compared with the above two types, the density is higher and the barrier performance is better, but the cost is relatively high. Generally, it is not recommended for customers Use this vacuum bag to pack tea. Of course, if our customers have higher requirements for our products, we can consider the choice of this material. But in some high-end teas, it is very common to use such aluminum foil bags to package tea.
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