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Material and material combination of vacuum packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-06
The material properties of vacuum packaging bags directly affect the storage life of food and its taste. Therefore, when choosing packaging, not only depends on the product to be packaged, but also pays attention to the material of the packaging. The vacuum packaging bag has more than one material, and different materials have different properties. The material classification of the vacuum packaging bag is as follows: 1. PE material, generally PE material is suitable for use in low temperature environment, so it is suitable for some seafood such as preservation products. 2. RCPP material, suitable for cooking in high temperature environment. 3. PA material, AP material is generally added to the vacuum packaging bag, the main purpose is to increase the physical strength and puncture resistance. 4. AL aluminum foil, this material is mainly used to increase the barrier performance and shading, and it is also contained in general vacuum packaging bags. 5. Water-resistant PVA, this material is to increase the barrier properties and form a high barrier coating. 6. PET material has excellent physical and mechanical properties, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance, and is not easy to deform. However, according to the needs of use, our vacuum packaging bags are made of these materials, and the combinations are as follows: 1. PA+PE and PA+RCPP, which are resistant to low temperature puncture and high temperature puncture. 2. PET+PE and PET+RCPP, resistant to low temperature friction and high temperature friction. There are also more than two kinds of materials. 3. PET+PA+PE4, PA+AL+RCPP5, PET+PA+AL+RCPP6, PET+PA+PE can be combined according to the needs of use, which can better improve the performance of vacuum packaging bags.
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