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Matters needing attention in designing rice packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-27
Rice is one of the most difficult grains to preserve. Over the years, people have been exploring the aspects of rice fresh-keeping coating and packaging materials, rice modified atmosphere packaging, etc., and a variety of rice packaging methods have appeared on the market, such as vacuum packaging with vacuum bags and deoxidizer packaging. The most commonly used preservation technology in rice sales packaging. Although vacuum packaging with vacuum bags has a good fresh-keeping effect on the storage and sales of rice, in the process of circulation, external forces believe that the operation will occasionally have a very small rate of bag breakage. What information should be included on the rice vacuum packaging bag to meet the national standard? What is the focus of the design of rice vacuum packaging bags?”Now the country has very strict requirements on the food industry, and we will naturally pay more attention to it. Let's take a look at the explanation of the professional designers of Dongguang Chinese Plastic Industry: The information contained in our common rice vacuum packaging bags basically includes: product introduction, product name, trademark, product standard code, production date, storage method, shelf life , place of origin, factory address, phone number, nutritional ingredient list, warranty marks, barcodes and other product information. The information on these common rice vacuum packaging bags is the information about this product conveyed to consumers, which not only gives consumers a sense of trust in the product, but also the beautiful appearance is a sales highlight. With the continuous progress and development of society, the quality and safety of food has also become the focus of attention, so the focus of rice vacuum packaging bags is the following: whether the first rice vacuum packaging bags add nutrition labels, these are the most important factors for consumers Effective nutritional information will bring a certain sense of trust. The second is the QS quality and safety license. QS quality and safety shows that it is supervised by the relevant departments, which also gives customers a better sense of trust. Third, the storage method should be specified to avoid cause unnecessary losses to customers. This makes customers feel that we are still very humane. The fourth is that the design of the rice vacuum packaging bag should also be exquisite, and there are real objects to highlight the product and give customers some demand highlights. Now the average family population is small, and people's opinions are constantly changing. The packaging of rice should be implemented during transportation and sales.“Big to small, heavy to light”, On the basis of the determination of the preservation effect, there is more potential to be tapped. In daily life, the refrigerator in the refrigerator is a common low-temperature storage environment. In the summer with high temperature and high humidity, rice can be stored in the refrigerator. The change of rice storage quality is greatly affected by the storage time. Therefore, Dongguan Mingxin Packaging Material Products Factory recommends that you do not buy a lot at one time. It is better to consume the amount of each purchase within two months. Small packaging of rice so that consumers can consume it in a short period of time is the development trend of vacuum packaging for rice sales.
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