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Matters needing attention when purchasing packaging equipment

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-23
The development of the enterprise will inevitably be accompanied by the improvement of the equipment production level, and the domestic packaging equipment is still difficult to match the foreign technical level. Therefore, the misunderstanding of purchasing packaging equipment should pay attention to three taboos and achieve four comparisons. 1. The misunderstanding of carefully choosing packaging equipment should pay attention to three taboos. 1. Don't talk about the price first and then set the function. The purpose of packaging equipment is to improve the market competitiveness of the company's products. It should be implemented into the technical terms of the contract and be indivisible as the contract. This part will be used as an important document for equipment arrival acceptance, post-commissioning acceptance, warranty service and equipment maintenance, and spare parts ordering, along with the complete life cycle of the packaging equipment. It is important to understand the single quotation and shelf life of functional components, especially the quotation, shelf life, and delivery date of unit components produced by packaging equipment manufacturers themselves must be written into the relevant clauses of the contract for inspection. Only when we talk about price can we have actual value. If we sacrifice function to achieve the price target, it is a big no-no in buying equipment.  Second, avoiding the end from the first    as much as possible to carry out in-depth technical exchanges with similar suppliers, to understand and grasp the advantages and disadvantages of different suppliers, especially the level of technical equipment and uniqueness of the equipment. Make full use of the uniqueness between suppliers and the uncertainty of manufacturing equipment selection, thereby intensifying the competition between suppliers, and finally purchasing the equipment performance you expect through this competition, and paying the equipment price you think is relatively reasonable , So as to achieve the goal of the best price-performance ratio. 3. Avoid lowering prices. No matter what the nature or type of packaging companies, no company will lose money to sell you packaging equipment. If you lower the price the greater the price, then choose low-cost spare parts and accessories in the process of manufacturing equipment. The higher the proportion of materials, as the saying goes, the essence that is bought but not sold contains this truth. 2. When purchasing external packaging equipment, the operating cost of packaging equipment should be compared with four to one. The operating costs of packaging equipment include: energy consumption, number of operators and quality requirements, prices and replacement frequency of spare parts and wearing parts, and after-sales service engineers The cost of the equipment, the useful life of the equipment and the depreciation rate, etc. Two-comparison after-sales service Because packaging equipment is generally the final production process of the product, the failure rate, downtime rate and timeliness of maintenance of packaging equipment directly affect the market supply and reputation of the company’s products, and directly affect the manufacturing cost of the product and the company’s Economic benefits, so the impact of after-sales service on the operation of the equipment cannot be ignored when purchasing equipment, and companies with good after-sales service should be selected as much as possible. Buying equipment is a one-time expense, while after-sales service is a daily expense. What are the device functions you want to achieve the most? What is the priority of these functions? Which one provides the equipment that best meets your functional requirements, that is, compare the conformity of the equipment, the higher the conformity, the more you buy Here comes the product you most want to buy. The more functions are not the better, but the more satisfying the actual use requirements, the better. The four-comparison technical equipment level is also PLC control, and the same is man-machine interface operation, but the number of points and methods of control are very different, and the feasibility, safety, stability, accuracy and sensitivity of equipment operation will be qualitatively different. Of course, the manufacturing cost and selling price of the equipment are also different. Only by comparing on the same technical equipment platform can the price be high and low.
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