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Mechanical automation ensures the safety of food packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-24
It is said that food packaging bags are the most personal safety guards for food. People often pay more attention to the hygiene, quality and safety of the food itself, but it is easy to ignore the safety of the packaging itself. The packaging is bright and beautiful on the outside, but it is difficult to see the inside and is worried about whether it is broken or not. Considerations inside and outside the packaging of dairy products Taking milk packaging as an example, whether it is in cartons, plastic bags or plastic drums, there is essentially no difference. Because the carton used for packaging milk, in order to prevent penetration, a layer of plastic film is covered inside and outside. These three packaging forms, which come into direct contact with milk, are all plastic. In the eyes of consumers, milk packaging is only divided into cartons and plastics, thinking that cartons are more environmentally friendly than plastics, so when buying, they will prefer cartons of milk, even if the price is slightly more expensive. Experts say that this is actually just a psychological factor of consumers, a misunderstanding formed subjectively. Of course, it is unnecessary for consumers to worry about the drinking safety of milk, because as long as the packaging materials are appropriate, the quality of milk can be guaranteed. In boxed milk and bagged milk, the selection of milk film has become very important. The material used in milk film is mostly PE co-extrusion film, which must have high barrier properties to oxygen, otherwise it will affect the shelf life of milk. Suppliers should strictly use food-grade raw materials and environmentally friendly inks, and strictly implement the specified standards during testing to ensure product quality. At the same time, the choice of ink is another key point. For example, benzene-soluble inks have lower cost and more beautiful printed patterns. However, now manufacturers use alcohol-soluble environmental protection inks, because benzene-soluble inks contain carcinogenic substances and have been banned by the industry. . Is it easy to be poisoned by boiling milk with packaging? Recently, it was said on the Internet that boiling milk with packaging can cause aluminum poisoning. Because there is a layer of aluminum foil on the inside of the milk packaging bag, but only a thin layer of polyethylene film is covered. During the cooking process, the polyethylene film will be damaged at high temperature, resulting in the precipitation of aluminum, which eventually leads to chronic aluminum poisoning. To this end, the relevant personnel purchased a box of milk to simulate the situation of boiling milk with packaging. The tests were carried out in four ways: no heating, heating for 2 minutes, heating for 10 minutes, and heating when the outer package was damaged. Finally, he brought four test samples to the National Food Safety Supervision and Inspection Center for testing. After testing by the staff, the results showed that none of the four samples detected excessive aluminum, and the aluminum content was less than 0.1 mg/kg. Experts from the China Composites Society explained that the innermost polyethylene film (PE film) of the aluminum foil package is boiled with ordinary water and the temperature is not enough to dissolve and destroy it, so aluminum will not be detected. Aluminum material is also relatively stable, it is not a particularly active metal. So, just by simply boiling it, it will not chemically react into the food. However, the packaging of this soft material is also for us to buy and carry, and is not used as a heating container. Therefore, when consumers want to drink hot milk, it is recommended to pour it out of the packaging bag. Also, this foil-wrapped milk is absolutely not microwaveable. Beyond that, overheating milk also has nutritional implications. To ensure the safety of food packaging, the trend of automation of packaging machinery is inevitable. If you want to ensure the safety of food packaging, you must first standardize and upgrade the process technology of food packaging machinery and equipment, carry out automatic upgrades across the board, try to avoid manual labor, and even reach the full line. Automation is the general trend, and the industry is inevitable. At present, the market trend of packaging machinery automation has emerged, but single-machine automation products can no longer meet the needs of users. Users need networking functions between multiple packaging machinery to better meet modern requirements such as connecting ERP and MES, and then achieve High output and high utilization of machinery and equipment are required. For enterprises engaged in packaging machinery manufacturing, more attention should be paid to how to optimize equipment. If the equipment is excellent, the quality will be high, and only with high quality can long-term profits be developed. If the focus is mainly on price, development is greatly limited. At the same time, we also clearly see that the market competition in these fields is becoming more and more fierce, and companies need to take the road of knowledge industry if they want to become stronger and bigger. To achieve a breakthrough in the field of industrial machinery automation is an important way to take the road of knowledge industry. At present, industrial robots, microelectronics, computers, intelligent and image sensing technologies will also be more and more widely used, prompting packaging machinery to become increasingly automated and networked. Therefore, in the future development, the food packaging industry can only use advanced technology to enhance its competitiveness and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.
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