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Menglong Ice Cream was 'double-labeled': No matter how expensive the ice cream is, the packaging is the same!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-24
Recently, Unilever's ice cream brand Menglong was questioned by netizens on social media that Chinese and foreign materials are different. In response, on August 20, Zeng Xiwen, global vice president of Unilever, accepted a video interview with a reporter from CCTV Financial Channel and admitted that in The raw materials used in China are different from those used in Europe. The main raw materials of ice cream products sold by Menglong in the European market are milk, while the main raw materials of domestic products are water and a small amount of milk powder. This news was once on Weibo's hot search. Many people's impression of Menglong ice cream is that it is expensive. When our ice cream was sold for 50 cents in the 1990s, Menglong began to sell for 8 yuan. Menglong has now been exposed to the problem of raw materials, so why is he selling so expensive? An important reason for the high price of Menglong ice cream is positioning. At the beginning of the birth of ice cream, Unilever positioned him as mid-to-high-end ice cream, and the target consumer group was also a successful person with a high monthly income and willing to pay for high-quality quality. When Menglong first entered the Chinese market, under marketing, holding a Menglong was a status symbol. On the packaging, Menglong chooses a high-end and restrained chocolate color, which is also easy to associate with chocolate and milk, and the low-key color is more in line with the needs of successful people. Another reason is the brand. In the long-term development, Menglong has become a luxury in the ice cream industry.“spokesperson”One, the resulting brand effect is to let people form an inherent impression of the price of Menglong, and gradually recognize it.“Dream Dragon”These two words represent high prices. Among the packaging bags of Menglong ice cream, the most eye-catching is the“Dream Dragon”Two words make it easy for consumers to find products through packaging. The packaging design of Menglong brings a lot of benefits to Menglong, and there are many other places that other ice creams can learn from. But when it comes to the packaging material of ice cream, no matter how expensive the ice cream is, the material is almost the same. Below is a list of common ice cream packaging materials. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of flexible packaging materials commonly used in ice cream: pearl film, PE film and BOPE film. Pearlescent film. Pearlescent film is a white opaque material, the entire film has a pearl-like luster. Pearlescent film has certain barrier properties, ultra-low temperature freezing properties and certain decorative properties, and the price is relatively low. Therefore, pearl film is the best choice for ice cream and cold drinks for a long time. The material of this film can be printed without a white version, because it is white, but if a white version is used, the packaging will be brighter. PE film. PE film can be said to be the most widely used plastic film at present. PE low pressure polyethylene has good cold resistance and can still maintain a certain degree of softness in an environment of minus 18 degrees. Its tensile strength is high, and the phenomenon of cascading is obvious, so try to reduce complex color registration when designing. If different colors are in zero-distance contact, the consequences of cascading will be more obvious, so try to reduce the direct contact and superposition of different colors, and try to use text as much as possible. or trademarks, etc., with white borders to separate them from the background color. BOPE film. BOPE film has good low temperature resistance, and the glass transition temperature can reach minus tens of degrees. By comparing the low temperature impact performance of BOPE film and existing packaging, it can be seen that 30um BOPE film has a low temperature impact strength of minus 30 ℃, which can be Reaching the strength of food packaging prepared by existing 90um PE blown film. Therefore, BOPE film can be used in frozen meat, ice cream and other frozen food. After the customer's trial, the use of BOPE film for frozen packaging can effectively solve the problem of broken bags of frozen food, and the broken bag rate can be reduced from 7%-8% to about 1%.
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