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Method for detecting high temperature cooking bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-24
High-temperature cooking packaging bags have become the first choice for packaging of meat and soy products in recent years due to their convenience in eating, portability, and long shelf life at room temperature. Because the high-temperature retort packaging bag must be resistant to high-temperature retort and sterilization conditions of 135 °C (sterilization at 135 °C for 30-40min.: it can basically kill all bacteria and achieve the purpose of long-term preservation of food under non-refrigerated conditions), so how to test the high temperature of the packaging bag Cooking performance, that is, how to detect the temperature state of the packaging in each time period, has always been an issue that the industry attaches great importance to. Details as follows: 1. Testing equipment: ZM-100 high temperature (back pressure) cooking pot Sterilization temperature: 100-135℃; Sterilization barrel diameter: ¢400; Storage barrel volume: 50L; Working pressure range: 0-0.22Mpa (saturated vapor pressure); make-up water pressure:≥0.32Mpa; Back pressure: 0.14-0.20Mpa 2. Design principle: In the basic theory of medical high-temperature sterilization container, 2 new improved technologies are added: 1. The temperature gauge and pressure gauge are separated, and a separate temperature control display is set. Set up a separate temperature sensor in the working chamber and connect it to the temperature display table outside the equipment, so that the displayed temperature is not affected by the partial pressure of the air. 2. Eliminate the influence of air through gas replacement. When a certain pressure is generated in the working chamber, gas replacement begins, and the air is driven out by the pressure of water vapor. After several effective gas replacements, the air remaining in the chamber can finally be reduced to less than 1%. Because: According to the test of the authoritative department, at 135 ℃, the actual temperature is only 133.9 ℃, and the temperature difference reaches 1.1 ℃. The guiding significance of the conclusion to the soft package enterprise is very limited. These two technologies completely solve the error between the temperature displayed by the external thermometer and the actual temperature, thereby avoiding the misleading that may be caused to the enterprise and the series of heat-resistant temperature of the detected ink, adhesive and film. error. 3. Instrument operation guidelines and precautions: 1. Seal the upper cover. 2. Turn on the power, set the temperature value and temperature holding time, and turn on the water faucet. 3. Press the test switch. At this time, if there is no water or lack of water in the bucket, the water replenishment indicator (red) will be on, and the cooking pot will start to enter water at the same time, until the water level is reached, the water replenishment indicator will be off, and the work indicator will be on (yellow) , the device starts to heat up. The entire sterilization operation is carried out automatically until the end, and the timer displays“End”. Note: For the sterilization of items in flexible packaging bags, in order to prevent the bag from breaking, it is recommended that the lower exhaust valve be closed when the temperature is between normal temperature and 98 ℃, so as to keep the air expansion pressure in the bag balanced with the air expansion pressure in the barrel. When the temperature is 98~100℃, open the lower steam exhaust valve properly to remove the air. The steam exhaust degree is limited to the pressure still slightly increased (the pressure cannot be reduced, otherwise the bag will burst) to the temperature value and pressure value on the pressure gauge After corresponding, close the small exhaust valve appropriately; 4. After finishing, start the compressor first. Adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve on the compressor to about 0.165Mpa. Note: The back pressure cannot exceed 0.22 Mpa, so be sure to check the pressure setting on the pressure reducing valve at all times. 5. Connect the pressure gas output from the pressure reducing valve to the air supply port at the back of the cooking pot. When the pressure in the cooking pot is lower than 0.165 Mpa, open the back pressure supply valve to supplement the pressure until the temperature in the cooking pot drops to normal temperature. At this time, the left drain valve can be opened to discharge hot water, and the equipment can automatically replenish cold water, so that the cooling water can be automatically circulated to accelerate cooling. Note: The power operation switch must be at the starting position to replenish water, and the water pressure must be > 0.32 Mpa. When the water pressure is too low, water cannot be replenished. 6. After the temperature in the cooking pot drops to normal temperature, close the back pressure air supply valve, and open the lower steam exhaust valve on the right side of the cooking pot to discharge air and water vapor. After the discharge is completed, the valve should be closed again. When the pressure drops to normal pressure, open the lid, take out the sterilized items, open the drain valve on the left side of the cooking pot to drain the water, and close the valve again after the water is drained. The above is the detection method of high-temperature cooking bags. Only high-temperature cooking bags that meet the standard can better preserve food.
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