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More than 70% of biodegradable plastic packaging is used in the food industry

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-09
Food and environmental protection, seemingly unrelated fields, are inextricably linked, because food is inseparable from the hands of consumers, and that is packaging, and food packaging bags are also inseparable.“White pollution”one. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the increase of food consumption, it is imperative to use environmental protection materials for packaging. Biodegradable plastic packaging is a widely used environmental protection packaging material. Biodegradable plastics are mainly used in packaging, fiber, agriculture, injection molding and other fields, among which the packaging industry is the most widely used, accounting for about 60% of the total market in 2013, and the demand for food packaging accounts for more than 70% of the biodegradable plastic packaging market. ; The injection molding application market is the main driver for the growth of biodegradable plastics demand. Demand for biodegradable plastics is growing significantly in end-user industries, including packaging, agriculture and textiles. The use of biodegradable plastics is also increasing in other industries, especially in European countries, such as medical implants and drug delivery systems. In orthopaedics, biodegradable plastics are also increasingly used in joint replacements, fracture fixation plates, bone defect fillers, artificial tendons, ligaments and bone cements. After recognizing the many advantages of biodegradable plastics, more and more research institutions have begun to promote the application of such products. With the expansion of application fields, the advancement of related technologies and the growth of demand, the global biodegradable plastics industry has shown a rapid growth trend. The guidance of retailers around the world to consumers has also played a certain role in promoting the development of the biodegradable plastics market. In the first half of this year, Brazilian retail giant Drogaria Araujo signed a contract with Austrian bioplastic bag producer Cardia Bioplastics to purchase 1.25 million bioplastic shopping bags to replace previously used paper bags. Among them, the former is the fourth largest retailer in Brazil, with 120 retail stores and 38 million customers a year. This contract not only provides CardiaBioplastics with an order worth 400,000 US dollars, but also lays the foundation for the further development of biodegradable plastics in the Brazilian market. Additionally, many retailers in the U.S. and Canada are supporting the promotion of biodegradable plastic packaging by offering discounts to customers who use eco-friendly packaging. Paper Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. supplies biodegradable packaging bags stand-up bags, zipper bags, vacuum packaging bags, plastic bags, food packaging bags, aluminized bags, aluminum foil bags, and other products.
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