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Negligence in toy packaging can easily cause trouble

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-26
The toy itself is a commodity that brings joy. However, besides being happy, the problem of toy packaging has become the biggest killer of joy. In packaging operations, there are sometimes big differences between the millimeters.  Toy Packaging and Labeling  People often pay attention to the packaging of products that are more time-sensitive in concepts such as food, such as stationery, toys and other packaging that seem to be less time-sensitive. But in fact, the safer it looks, the more minor problems there are.   Many children's toys have problems such as incomplete markings.  The quality problem of toy packaging has existed for a long time.   In addition to the problem of marking, the quality problem of toy packaging itself has also existed for a long time.   Many people may disagree, toys are just toys, how dangerous can they be? At the beginning of August this year, a batch of wooden toys exported by a toy company in Ningbo was notified by France because the thickness of the plastic film of the packaging bag was lower than the standard requirement, which easily caused the danger of suffocation.   Inspection and Quarantine Bureau investigation found that the actual thickness of the plastic film of the batch was 0.033 mm, which did not meet the EU EN71-1:2014 standard that the thickness of the plastic film for packaging bags should not be less than 0.038 mm. The main reason is that the company does not have enough knowledge of the relevant standards and believes that the packaging does not need to meet the requirements of toy regulations or directives. At the same time, the company also lacks effective packaging quality control methods. It is understood that the packaging of almost all toy manufacturers is outsourcing, and the companies lack effective control over the raw materials of packaging materials and the manufacturing and storage of packaging materials. In addition, some third-party testing agencies do not test the thickness of the packaging film in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, which makes the company mistakenly believe that the toy packaging does not have to meet the requirements of the toy regulations and does not need to carry out the relevant tests. Here, we remind relevant companies to firmly establish awareness of quality standards and correctly understand the requirements of different packaging materials in laws and regulations; form effective supplier management methods, and review packaging suppliers in strict accordance with toy raw and auxiliary materials supplier review procedures; strengthen In the classification management of packaging, the account, card, and content must be consistent for toy packaging.   This kind of incident is not the first, but it has not received enough attention.  The problem of toy packaging is of course not only that, it can be said that the problem is not completely solved until the toy packaging completes the cycle.   There are also many opinions on the Internet about toy disasters.   Lao Li: Throw away the poor quality, and give the good quality to poor areas.   Flying knife: That's true. I saw those caring colleagues in the unit collecting old toys and old clothes that the children don’t play with at home and sending them to kindergartens in remote villages. This move not only solved the problem of disposing of old toys, but also gave a piece of love, which made the country children especially happy.   Forgive me: It is recommended that local bloggers build a 'bargaining' platform to expose all their idle things, and everyone exchanges what they need.   Meijiangtian: Organize a flea market, let the children set up their own stalls to sell, exercise the ability to interact with people. You can also buy some fresh toys.   How can there be no trace of falling snow: If you want to save trouble, put the toy in a garbage collection point or some public place that is not in the way, and indicate the reason for placing it. Naturally, someone in need will take it away. Other things can be done in the same way.   Sheyang Express: When children see other people’s toys, they have to buy them too. After playing for a few days, they have no interest. It's a pity to throw it away, and to give it to other children, the adults don't seem to be happy. So I think: You can't buy too many toys, you can negotiate and exchange and play with each other to reach a consensus, don't buy all the same. Toys that children do not play can be disinfected and donated to left-behind children in rural areas.
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