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New application highlights of liquid packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-27
Among all kinds of modern packaging bags, liquid packaging bags have a relatively large market and play an indispensable role in the daily life of consumers, from soy milk for breakfast, to juice in the afternoon, and then to bedtime. Milk, and even the packaging of oil from the Arab Dubai local tyrants, belong to the category of liquid packaging. Because of this, the demand for liquid packaging is very large, and it is the most important form of order for flexible packaging companies. Today, plastic bags are here to share with you some of the latest packaging forms of liquid packaging bags: In the past, liquid packaging was mainly self-supporting bags and penguin bags, but as consumers continue to improve the appearance and performance of the packaging, and The development needs of the entire market. In the past two years, more and more large-scale food and beverage companies have chosen flat-bottom bag packaging. Among them, the most popular is the eight-side-sealed flat-bottom liquid packaging because it is both beautiful and practical. Loved by the vast number of consumers. The square bottom bag for liquid packaging is the mainstream of the market and the favorite of food companies. If flexible packaging companies can improve the production efficiency and yield of square bottom bags for liquid packaging, they will effectively enhance their competitiveness in the industry. The display of the five sides of the square bottom bag and the larger space than the stand-up penguin bag meet the needs of customers. The square standable bottom makes full use of the shelf space, which is in line with the development of large-scale supermarkets. Liquid packaging has high requirements for airtightness and heat-sealing strength in the bag-making process. When composite bags of different structures are used, different heat-sealing temperatures, heat-sealing pressures and heat-sealing times need to be set. Once there is an error in the operation, the product will become waste, and the waste rate will increase, and the cost of bag making will increase accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary for flexible packaging companies to understand the performance characteristics of composite bags, to be proficient in operating related bag making machines and to be able to deal with problems in the production process in time.
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