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New requirements for food packaging bag design are very important

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-09
Food packaging bags that do not meet the requirements of the new standard are not allowed to be sold on the market. Therefore, when designing food packaging bags, we must abide by the specifications and design in strict accordance with the requirements. Next, professional flexible packaging manufacturer packaging bags will interpret the new requirements for food packaging bag design. 1. The name of the label must be true New requirements: available on the label“new name”,“fancy name”,“Transliterated name”etc., but the name specified in the national standard or industry standard or the equivalent name shall be marked adjacent to the displayed name. Names without national standards or industry standards must be marked with common names that reflect the true attributes of the food and do not mislead customers. E.g:“Yogurt”Use text of the same size next to the label to indicate that the feature is actually called“sour milk”. 2. Foreign languages ​​should be smaller than Chinese characters. New regulations require: In addition to registered trademarks, food pre-packages must use standard Chinese characters, and the pinyin, foreign languages ​​or national characters used together should not be larger than the corresponding Chinese characters. For example: if the outer packaging of imported food is larger than 20 square centimeters, the height of the text, symbols and numbers indicating the content shall not be less than 1.8 centimeters. The Chinese characters in the label must correspond closely with the foreign language, and the Chinese characters must not be smaller than the corresponding foreign language. 3. The new regulations on the date of production cannot be glued: the food must be marked with the date of production, and the date of production is the date when the product produced by the producer has been inspected; the date of production should indicate the specific part of the address and packaging, and abstract“see outer packaging”. For example, the date of sealing, sterilization and cooling of the products produced by some enterprises is May 1, 2005, and the inspection needs 5 days, but the production date is printed as May 10, 2005. Finally, it's on sale in retail stores on May 8. This situation is a false production date, and the company should be punished. In order to prevent the distributor from changing the production date, the food production date, shelf life and other information must be printed or printed on the packaging, and cannot be directly pasted with a piece of tape. 4. Genetically modified foods must be marked with the new regulations: all foods listed in the 'Administrative Measures for the Labeling of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms' issued by the Ministry of Agriculture must be marked on the label.“genetically modified food”. For example, common genetically modified foods are mainly soybean meal, soybean oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil, rapeseed meal, fresh tomatoes and tomato paste. Oils made from genetically modified soybeans should also be marked on the label“GMO soybean oil”typeface. 5. The language implying the effect cannot use the new regulations: special dietary food (such as food for infants and young children, food for diabetics) must be marked with nutritional ingredients, that is, nutrition labels. Contents that must not be marked include:“guard against”or“treat”function, etc. For example: cannot be indicated on food labels“rejuvenation”,“prolong life”“black hair”“tooth regeneration”“anti-cancer treatment”,“Ancestral Recipe”“nourishing food”,“bodybuilding food”“court food”and other similar words; nor can it be preceded and followed by the name of the food, with the name of the drug or the graphic of the drug, the name implies the effect, the health care or other similar effects. 6. The new regulations on writing specific names of preservatives require: the various ingredients in the food ingredient list should be arranged in the descending order of the amount added when manufacturing processed food. For example: water accounts for a large proportion in beverages, and it is necessary to indicate it in the future; sweeteners, preservatives, and colorants should be marked with specific names or prescribed codes. The new regulations require: infant formula milk powder should be marked with nutrients, calories, consumption methods and suitable groups. The label of imported infant formula milk powder shall indicate“country or region of origin”Wait. 7. The product name and font size should be unified with the new regulations: the authenticity of food labels should be further strengthened, and it is not allowed to use product names to confuse the true attributes of food to deceive customers. E.g:“orange juice drink”middle“Orange juice”and“drinks”The same font size should be used, and labels should not be used to confuse customers.
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