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Omg! Come and learn about vacuum packaging bags! Otherwise, you will regret it for the rest of your life!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-28
At present, vacuum packaging bags are widely used in the market because it can greatly extend the shelf life of packaged products and inhibit the growth of bacteria in the packaging bags. Therefore, its quality requirements during production are very strict. To ensure the tightness of vacuum packaging bags, in addition to paying attention to the selection of materials in the production of vacuum packaging bags, the heat sealing of vacuum packaging bags should also be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of vacuum packaging bags. bag quality. When vacuum packaging bags are heat-sealed, various bag-making quality problems often occur due to improper operation or other factors. Next, I will tell you about the bosses: ①. very fragile. This quality problem may be due to excessive heat sealing pressure, high heat sealing temperature or long heat sealing time, poor film substrate strength, uncooled heat sealing line, low heat sealing temperature or low heat sealing pressure, etc. cause. Therefore, when selecting materials for vacuum packaging bags, we must consider the film substrate with high strength, and adjust the heat sealing pressure, heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time to an appropriate degree during heat sealing. ②. The vacuum packaging bag has poor heat sealing or low heat sealing strength after heat sealing. Under normal circumstances, excessive corona treatment during heat sealing, insufficient strength or uneven thickness of the film substrate itself, improper selection of film material, inappropriate heat sealing parameters (heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure, heat sealing time), etc. cause the above problem. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable film substrates for packaging according to different types of packaging products, and to ensure film strength and proper heat sealing parameters. ③. The heat sealing area of ​​the vacuum packaging bag is not uniform after heat sealing, which is mainly caused by factors such as uncoordinated heat sealing temperature control and uneven heat sealing pressure. Therefore, when producing vacuum packaging bags, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature of the heat-sealing equipment to be consistent and the heat-sealing pressure to be uniform.
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