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Organ - Type Coffee Bag Flexible Packaging Bag Of Composite Material Structure

Organ - Type Coffee Bag Flexible Packaging Bag Of Composite Material Structure


For a variety of powdered, granular coffee products, including a verity of capacities and varieties, have different requirements for its packaging. our company is taking orders, we will recommend the most suitable material structure and packaging method for you according to the different requirements of customers and the characteristics of products. minimize the risk of mistakes.

If ti’s a liquid coffee product - suction nozzle can be added on the top of the packaging, it is recommended that the capacity is appropriate in case, easy to use and, add the bag of suction nozzle, when ordering, you should take into account that its transportation volume will be lager than the general flexible packaging. since the suction nozzle must be fully considered not to be damaged, rotary packaging will be adopted.

If it’s powdered coffee products - if the product has a large volume, a flat flour bag with plow bottom is recommended, to increase the stability of the bag, it is not easy to deform the bag and improve the satisfaction of user experience.

If it is granular, and coffee beans are manufactured - you could choose either a flat flour bag or a stand up barrier pouches, more styles to choose from, only need to consider the volume size of the product, as well as the shelf life and permeability of oxygen.

Therefore, when we produce each order, we will carefully and responsibly provide you with the best choice, to explore better market effect.

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