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by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-15
For a long time, we have thought that the quality of food is more important than the packaging. No matter how delicate the packaging is, it will eventually become waste. However, with the continuous improvement of people's life and death level, education level, and aesthetic ability, everyone's request for food also extends from quality to packaging. Food packaging bags do these points, and your products can sell well! Good packaging can not only play a role in the maintenance of goods, but also arouse consumers' desire to purchase. It is a part that cannot be ignored in product development. Brand owners are constantly looking for designs that are suitable for them in the prevailing trends, so that users can like their products more and more. But trends are fickle, some are persistent, some are very short-lived. Sustainable trends often cover safety, convenience, beauty, and environmental protection. Fruit and vegetable consumers expressed interest in packaged foods that can extend the shelf life of food. Lack of understanding of food sell-by dates, best before dates, and best-before dates can lead to good food being thrown away.
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