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Packaging Bag Industry News

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-03
1. Food packaging bags may become an important application field of nanomaterials. At present, the research on nano-materials in the printing and packaging bag industry is only at the stage of application research and development of sincere nano-materials in the industry. Among them, the application field of food packaging bags is the most promising. The director of the Teaching Practice Center of Tragedy Printing College stated that nano-scale packaging plastic bags are considered to be the first breakthrough and most promising application field in the packaging bag industry. With the help of external light, thermochemical treatment, etc., packaging bags made of nanomaterials can achieve higher barrier properties, longer food preservation, higher tensile strength and hardness, and higher plasticity. , So as to achieve a wider range of applications. Research by Japanese Ru0026D institutions has proved that by dispersing 30-40 nanometer raw materials into resin to make a film, it becomes an ultraviolet absorbing material with strong absorption of light below 400 nanometers, and can be used as the best raw material for food bags and fresh-keeping bags. 2. The characteristics of color-printed packaging bags are becoming increasingly prominent. In 2011, Lianshui County, Jiangsu Province was awarded the title of Jiangsu Province Brewed Food Processing Industry Cluster, and the color-printed packaging bags that have been driven by this have also developed rapidly. In 2012, the output value of color printing packaging bags reached 2.3 billion yuan. 3. Shanghai requires simple packaging bags for bulk food. Recently, the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration issued: Local Food Safety Standards for Conditioned Meat Products and Conditioned Aquatic Products). The standard stipulates that as products sold as bulk food, food packaging bags that meet the requirements of food safety standards shall be used. The simple packaging bag should indicate the name of the food, the date of sub-packing, and the shelf life calculated from the date of sub-packing. The difficulty of bulk packaging lies in the fact that the stall owner packs the bags by himself, and how to effectively prevent date falsification and so on. 4. Central China National Green Printing Packaging Bag Logistics Industrial Park was approved The Central China National Green Printing Packaging Bag Logistics Industrial Park was formally approved for construction a few days ago. This is the fourth international-level press and publishing industrial park approved by Hubei Province. It is also another printing industrial park approved by relevant state departments after the Shanghai Jinshan National Green Creative Printing Demonstration Park and the National Printing and Packaging Bag Industrial Base. At present, the project has completed the feasibility study report, the total planned construction investment is 9.9 billion yuan, the planned land area is 3000 mu, and the construction period is 3-5 years. Dongguan Plastic Bag Co., Ltd. regularly updates the latest developments in the packaging bag industry to be the first in the industry
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