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Packaging Design for Jujube Packaging and Processing Plant

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-25
Jujube packaging and processing, and the design of jujube packaging boxes. Is it better to make a carton or plastic? Jujube has more functions from the perspective of health preservation. It is a good product for nourishing blood. According to the gift attribute of the product, it focuses on the historical origin of Chinese jujube culture, and explains the history of Chinese jujube culture and the origin of organic jade jujube. In the Aksu area of u200bu200bXinjiang, where there is no pollution and long sunshine hours, the whole gift box has become an antique historical sedimentation, which has won unanimous praise from customers! Therefore, the packaging and processing design of red dates should be customized from the direction of preservation, so plastic packaging materials are recommended!  The packaging design methods used for red dates generally include ordinary packaging, vacuum packaging, and oxygen-free packaging with deoxidizers. The circulation period of jujube products is basically about twelve months. Ordinary packaging of jujube begins to show darkening, loss of aroma, and even mildew and moth-eaten conditions after 3 to 5 months of production. Vacuum packaging only allows The oxidation deterioration process has slowed down. After December, the nutritional value of the red dates has been left. Both of these packaging methods can continuously penetrate into the bag through the packaging bag. The nutrients in the red dates continue to oxidize and lose their flavor. , Microorganisms can breed, product quality deteriorates, and the problem cannot be solved fundamentally, and the oxygen-free packaging of the deoxidizer makes these problems easy to solve. Deoxidizers are also called oxygen absorbers, deoxidizers, free oxygen absorbers, and deoxidizers. They can oxidize with free oxygen and dissolved oxygen at room temperature. The active substance of the deoxidizer reacts chemically with oxygen to absorb the airtight The oxygen in the food packaging bag reduces the oxygen concentration in the bag to less than 0.3% and maintains it in a relatively oxygen-free state for a period of time. Under such anaerobic conditions, it can prevent insect pests, inhibit the growth and reproduction of aerobic microorganisms such as molds, prevent oil from oxidizing and failing, prevent oxidative deterioration of nutrients and oxidative discoloration of food, and maintain food freshness. The use of deoxidizers has the following advantages: (1) It is not directly added to food and does not affect food safety; (2) It does not affect food flavor and has a wide range of applications; (3) Product safety is high, even if ingested by mistake It will harm the human body; (4) Easy to use and low price.
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