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Packaging Dongguan Renmei Packaging Processing Service

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-26
An influential toy processing and production company in South China (Dongguan Renmei Toy Products Co., Ltd.) --- (July 18, 2015) Dongguan Youxin Packaging Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract for the processing and packaging of more than 27 million toy products. The company adopts the ZS-2000 high-speed pillow-type automatic packaging machine according to the specifications of the product, which can pack up to 220 packages per minute. Feiyue improves the work efficiency of the company, reduces the work pressure of employees, and uses high-speed precise packaging and high quality. The company platoon engineers on-site installation and commissioning and on-site attentively taught the machinery-related technology and precautions to Renmei Company. The workload is much smaller than before, the employees feel more beautiful from work, and the whole (Dongguan Renmei Toy Products Co., Ltd.) adds infinite colors. ^_^ Not only improves work efficiency, but also makes products more excellent with excellent quality (defective products are controlled at two thousand). At present, the industry is tightly recruited and transforms and upgrades. It is necessary to improve production technology and product quality to face the fierce market Competition, market changes and customer demand for high quality. Dongguan Uxin Packaging’s high-efficiency automated production equipment, thinking that companies can reduce manpower, save labor and material costs, and improve production efficiency, is catering to the needs of companies for high-tech and automated production equipment, and has been favored by the majority of packaging industries.
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